3 Hot Tips to Increasing Summer Sales

If you miss out on the good life when summer rolls around, something is clearly lacking in your eCommerce processes. Once summer is in full swing, your team needs to respond in kind, revving up your sales and making a splash in the market. This is the perfect opportunity to maximize your summer sales potential by ditching outdated methods and embracing a modern Product Information Management (PIM) solution. A PIM that inherently has DAM functionality is just what you need to help increase your summer sales, so you have more time to relax and soak up those rays.

The trick is matching the season to the opportunities it offers, an impossible task without an efficient PIM/DAM to automate your processes. When done right, you’ll also be primed for year-round success without constantly pivoting to keep up with changing trends. Here’s how.

1) Keep your cool with smart digital asset management

Context is a critical aspect of effective product information and descriptions. The best way to put products into context instantly is by creating easy-to-recognize visual cues that customers relate to. A modern PIM keeps your digital assets in check, ensuring they are organized, accessible, and ready to make an impact with suitable images that resonate with customers.

With new management features from a modern PIM, you can easily find and distribute your summer-themed images, videos, and other media assets, so you eliminate any disconnects between your product and its uses “in the moment.” You can keep your cool this summer knowing that your visuals are on point and captivating customers across every touchpoint.

Better yet, you can make changes in real-time to reflect trends. For example, is a heat wave impacting your sales? Change the story with new images that show people keeping cool using your products.

Rainy forecasts dampening your camping gear sales?

Draw attention to waterproof features with close-ups of the water-resistant materials used.

2) Soak in the increased summer sales with a modern PIM

If expansion to new markets has been an overwhelming prospect due to outdated processes, you can streamline your process with a modern PIM. In effect, this is your chance to make a splash in the summer sales game with a presence across multiple channels where your customers are shopping.

A modern PIM empowers you to distribute your product information effortlessly across various eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and social media channels. Everything is formatted based on specific marketplace criteria and geo-market specifications, including translations and country-appropriate currencies.

While your sights might not be set on markets outside the country, the option is there with a modern PIM.

AI-powered PIMs can also access product information from established marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, so you instantly create compliant product descriptions ready for use.

Make waves of sales wherever your customers are and be the ‘talk of the retail beach’ with enriched product data that sells.

You can become the go-to destination for summer shopping and leverage trends in your own backyard and across a broader market. As a result, you can be selling shorts and sunglasses where the heat waves are or umbrellas where it’s rain, rain, and more rain that can dampen sales when the sun is shining brightly in your neck of the woods.

Even better, you can jump on the Tik Tok wagon, watching trending videos relevant to your audience to help leverage the insights of influencers. Homemade ice cream creating a sensation? Those cute little glass bowls you sell are the perfect size for a yummy serving.

Wearing bikini wraps at the beach trending? Why not use that trend to sell your oversized scarves?

3) Ride the efficiency wave

Is your team stuck behind their desks trying to get products to market with outdated methods? This can quickly translate into mass turnover, leaving you holding the proverbial bag.

A modern PIM solution enables you to ride the wave of efficiency with streamlined workflows and automated processes, enabling you to approve those vacation requests so your team can enjoy some well-earned time off in the sun.

From product creation to publishing, you can glide through tasks effortlessly, leaving more time for strategic activities and sipping refreshing drinks by the pool.

Everyone benefits from your PIM, using automation that streamlines processes and eliminates error-prone manual tasks. An AI-powered PIM can get products to market quickly, eliminating a long list of time-consuming tasks, including:

  • AI-generated product descriptions identify critical product features, create ready-to-edit copy for approval, and efficiently upload new products
  • AI confirms accuracy and reliability by efficiently collecting up-to-date, detailed product data, enabling you to create reliable, compliant product information
  • AI identifies and extracts product attributes from various sources using image recognition and product lookup that accesses reliable marketplace sources like Amazon
  • AI tracks product descriptions and automatically updates or corrects product information based on reliable sources

Let your competitors struggle with manual processes while you ride the efficiency wave to success with a modern PIM.

Pimberly’s hybrid PIM/DAM is your summer savior. Reach out to our team today to learn more.