Mike Walker

VP of Operations

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Mike Walker, the Vice President of Operations at Pimberly, has been instrumental in shaping the company’s success over the past five years. With a profound expertise in Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and overall Product Operations, Mike stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge software solutions that are pivotal to the success of Pimberly’s diverse client base.

Mike is known for his commitment to continuous innovation and his unwavering dedication to listening to customer feedback. His keen understanding of client needs allows him to play a crucial role in defining strategies, refining the product roadmap, and ensuring that Pimberly remains at the forefront of industry trends.

Beyond his role at Pimberly, Mike is passionate about driving excellence in operations and is committed to fostering a culture of continual improvement. His leadership extends beyond the boardroom, where he actively contributes to the technological advancement of PIM and DAM solutions.

Mike resides in Manchester, UK. He is not just a leader in operations; he is a driving force behind the success and innovation that defines Pimberly in the dynamic world of PIM, DAM, and product management.

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