5 Reasons Pimberly is the PIM for Shopify

If your business goals are focused on becoming a high growth eCommerce merchant, using an eCommerce platform like Shopify Plus is the best way to fast track your way to increased annual revenue. However, before you go down that road, you need to look at your product management process. As a result, to remain competitive, you need to become more agile to get your products to market fast. A Product Information Management (PIM) system designed to manage high profile market places provides agility and scalability with a no nonsense approach to product data management. Luckily, it just so happens that Pimberly is considered one of the best PIM systems for Shopify Plus. Here are the top five reasons you need Pimberly to meet your goals.

1. Robust and scalable platform

Large merchants are all about growth at scale. Therefore, you need to manage your growth with a robust and scalable PIM. Pimberly can handle large volumes of product data, helping you to easily manage a vast range of products to increase growth fast. In fact, our data model is built to handle complex data sets and, more importantly, support custom projects. Basically, you won’t experience hiccups because you’ve outgrown your platform with a PIM that can grow with your business.

Overall, it’s the single solution you need to meet your growth and revenue targets. PIM for Shopify Plus is a great way to get the most out of your Shopify journey.

2. Seamless integration

PIM systems for Shopify Plus need to offer seamless integration so you can manage your product data from a central location.

Pimberly considered this when designing their system to simplify integration with no fuss setup.  In fact, Pimberly’s Application Programming Platform uses our patented “Commerce Connector.” Therefore, you can share data with Shopify Plus quickly.

We enable you to make near real time product content updates matching Shopify Plus’ data model without custom code. In effect, you can also quickly pull data from your ERP system with little hassle. Consequently, you can access existing product data in your new PIM.

3. Advanced data management

You manage large volumes of product data. As a scalable PIM, Pimberly offers advanced data management capabilities if you leverage Shopify Plus. In turn, your team can create, manage, and distribute product information to Shopify Plus and across multiple channels.

You need a platform that enables for simplified bulk editing, automated data validation, and data enrichment if you’re using an omni or multi channel strategy. As a result, you improve your product data.

Pimberly offers advanced data management capabilities and a rapid route to market, enabling you to outsmart the competition and take the lion’s share of online sales. Additionally, we help you to manage a large number of products to effortlessly manage data for a growing product range. As a result, your team has high quality product data across your multi channel eCommerce platforms.

4. Workflow management

Fast growth is only achieved with an agile team who can keep pace with market demand. Pimberly offers advanced workflow management capabilities that streamline your product data management processes across all departments. Your PIM needs to enable you to create custom workflows to suit your processes and automate as many tasks as possible so your team can manage complex data sets. Collaboration capabilities are also essential for effective workflows ensuring different teams can work in your PIM, seamlessly managing your cleansing, enrichment, and approval processes.

Pimberly workflows automate your product data processes. We take new data through its paces until it is published to Shopify and other sales channels. As a result, your team can:

  • Simplify the way your team works at every stage of your product data management process
  • Stay organized so nothing is missed
  • Create a workflow that applies to all stages of a product’s life cycle
  • Control access and improve tracking
  • Automate tedious tasks so your team can focus on creating higher quality data to increase sales and improve customer experience
  • Automate data validation with Shopify Plus and other market place formatting criteria

With improved workflow, your business is primed to succeed.

5. Extensive support

When you choose a PIM, you don’t want to be treading water trying to figure out how to leverage its features. Pimberly is committed to customer service.

We provide extensive support, including training, consulting, and technical support. For example, the customer success team takes time to understand your goals to ensure you can achieve them by optimizing the full power of your PIM. You also are able to use a siloed test environment prior to deploying your PIM, so as not to interrupt business as usual.

Pimberly with Shopify Plus offers the features you need to remain scalable, agile, and efficient to experience rapid growth in a highly competitive market place.