5 Reasons Pimberly is the PIM for Shopify

Brands use a system called product information management (PIM) to handle product data so that it may be marketed and sold through various channels. It gathers and consolidates all product data from each distribution channel into one location. Here, we look at what makes the best PIM for Shopify.

The PIM system’s interface allows you and your team to simultaneously modify and manage every product information, including item numbers, references, brochures, SKU data, photos, videos, translations, localizations, manuals, etc.

Various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, customers, and companies like Shopify, may be able to access product information through your PIM system. Although it strongly integrates with product information management, Shopify is not a PIM system.

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Since Shopify does not intend to be a content management system, you should consider investing in a PIM if your omnichannel strategy calls for many distinct images, videos, or information to move across various channels.

Product Information Management Shopify

Shopify is a platform that enables users to create their online stores. With Shopify, you’re able to create your online store and offer nearly anything for sale, including classes, rents, goods, services, and subscriptions.

Today, all Shopify newcomers are perplexed by the differences between the Shopify platform, eBay, and Amazon. They must be aware that Amazon and eBay are markets. Conversely, Shopify is a platform for hosting that helps customers sell on various marketplaces by utilizing plug-ins and built-in apps.

With a Shopify-optimized PIM, you can create a fantastic omnichannel selling capacity. To obtain the intended advantages, you might work with a Shopify product information management specialist. Product Information Management (PIM) wants to handle all the data required for product marketing and sales through distribution channels.

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Shopify is an excellent tool for maintaining your online presence and competitiveness. However, it needs to improve in the area of product content management. Therefore, the key to unlocking additional potential to boost your reach, enhance customer interaction, increase sales, and eventually increase income is acquiring the appropriate PIM for Shopify or Shopify Plus. An efficient PIM system will assist you in achieving that.

You may use it to automate Shopify content so you have the ability to concentrate on increasing your revenue. Shopify product information management will allow you to get the most out of the massively popular platform.

Best PIM for Shopify

The following are some of the most prominent and best PIMs for Shopify that you can use:


If you use Shopify Plus, Pimberly, a scalable PIM for Shopify, provides sophisticated data management features. In a highly competitive industry, Pimberly with Shopify Plus delivers the tools you need to be scalable, flexible, efficient, and increase revenue with product information management for Shopify. You can efficiently and swiftly manage your product data procedures using Pimberly workflows. All things considered, it’s the only option you need to reach your income and growth goals. You can maximize your Shopify experience using a PIM system for Shopify Plus.


To assist companies in streamlining their product catalog management procedures, Akeneo provides an open-source PIM solution. Retailers and brands in B2C and B2B markets can quickly gather data from any source, refine and manage the standard of product information, and disseminate it across many channels including e-commerce, adaptable, print, and points of sale with the help of this app.

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Plytix is one of the most well-liked PIMs among small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide because of its easy-to-use interface, affordable price, and first-rate onboarding and customer support. The tool may be handy for brands, distributors, merchants, or sellers with more than 100 goods or selling through many channels.

Jasper PIM

Jasper PIM enables two-way data synchronization throughout the entire tech stack by creating a single repository for every one of your product data. Also, the software allows you to schedule updates to content for sales and promotions and supports many languages and currencies across every channel of sales, eCommerce stores, and online marketplaces.


Enterprise brands with over fifty people are ideal for Pimcore, an open-source PIM. The program can collect, combine, purify, and update any volume of digital data, which speeds up the process of managing stores for big businesses.

Shopify PIM Integration

A tool for managing product information enhances the Shopify store’s functionality. You need to understand and remember that items are the cornerstone of every eCommerce enterprise. Given the abundance of companies offering similar items, one of its most crucial differentiators might be the client experience.

PIM solutions help managers of product information in the commercial world. You may choose how you’ll utilize the PIM and Shopify connection for business development by thoroughly researching the foundations of the Shopify PIM.

A product information management for Shopify can help you enhance the critical product information you get from several sources. Product data may be mapped and categorized into the appropriate Shopify variables. A decent PIM solution aims to give consistent, high-quality data and to make consumers pleased while they purchase by integrating with several platforms.

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Shopify offers several integration applications. Shopify PIM integrations range from Shopify-made apps to applications from other parties. You can select and use the most significant and least expensive program to enhance your eCommerce.

By integrating the PIM system, you may obtain sufficient support and accomplish your business objectives. Shopify can help you achieve your goals for the growth of an eCommerce business and integrate PIMs. With both your PIM and Shopify operating at their highest capacity, you are well-tuned for eCommerce success.

The best PIM for Shopify enables you to manage your product catalog and various sales channels by facilitating data transfer between Shopify and your PIMventory application. BPA Platform enables further integration and process automation, giving you a comprehensive business solution with automatic alerts, report and document automation, complex business rules and workflow logic, and more. PIM and Shopify integration can significantly help and maintain the following tasks:

  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Sales channel management
  • System Integration
  • Order Confirmation and Shipping Notifications
  • Supplier Management
  • Multiple Shopify Stores
  • Report Automation
  • Maintained stock levels

PIM System Shopify

It would help if you addressed a few considerations when selecting a PIM for your company to ensure its suitability. Using a PIM for Shopify is a fantastic idea if you have a complex range of distinct product kinds or a wide variety of products. It will prevent you from being confused between multiple SKUs when matters get hectic and save you a ton of tedious data entry. You should include the following desired characteristics in any PIM system that is worthwhile for purchasing if not all of them:

  • Capacity to oversee accessories, replacement parts, and substitutes
  • Process automation
  • Management of content and marketing materials for every product
  • Both computerized and manual methods for gathering product data
  • Capacity to manage many SKUs
  • Categories for item information that may be customized, such as sizes, product features, and descriptions
  • Integration with your ERP, 3PL provider, CMS, IMS, and other e-commerce ecosystem components
  • Workflows that are adaptable to various departments and supply chain segments

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Bottom Line

Integrating a PIM system with your Shopify is essential to bear fruitful results with your e-commerce business. Given the crucial requirements, Pimberly is the best PIM system for your Shopify. Contact us at Pimberly if you need more management tools for the best service.

5. Extensive support

When you choose a PIM, you don’t want to be treading water trying to figure out how to leverage its features. Pimberly is committed to customer service.

We provide extensive support, including training, consulting, and technical support. For example, the customer success team takes time to understand your goals to ensure you can achieve them by optimizing the full power of your PIM. You also are able to use a siloed test environment prior to deploying your PIM, so as not to interrupt business as usual.

Pimberly with Shopify Plus offers the features you need to remain scalable, agile, and efficient to experience rapid growth in a highly competitive market place.