Pimberly 101

Everything you could need to know about Pimberly – under one roof!

Jump right in with our video tours

Quick Look…

This short intro video will take you through the key benefits our customers realised when implementing Pimberly in their organisations.

Platform Tour

This more detailed tour of the platform demonstrates all the key functionality in a set of 9 bitesized videos. Jump to the bits you want to see.

Core Pimberly Platform

Our original, powerful SaaS PIM, DAM & Workflow features still sit at the heart of the Pimberly platform.
It’s built on best-in-class technology, and supports seamless integrations so Pimberly works with your existing tech stack.

Level-Up Your PIM with our Add-Ons

Our suite of add-ons allows you to customize your PIM stack to meet the needs of your growing business, helping your product data to drive amazing experiences across all your channels.

More about Pimberly

Pricing Plans

All-Inclusive Prices.

No Hidden Charges.

Straightforward, transparent pricing to track sell and move your products faster.

Onboarding Pimberly

A full range of professional services.

With enterprise-level features, Pimberly is a powerful platform that still remains easy to install, implement and use.

Our Customers

We work with some of the biggest brands around the globe.

Learn more about what they’ve achieved with Pimberly.

The Pimberly Story

At Pimberly, we believe all products should find the right home.

So, a group of entrepreneurs got together and decided to turn that idea into reality by creating a system from scratch.

Our Partner Network

We’ve partnered with some great organisations to help our customers achieve the most amazing results in their PIM projects.

Our technology, agency, consultant and system integration partners are here to help us make your eCommerce journey even more successful.


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