Pimberly — Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Pimberly facilitates seamless, end-to-end integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento) for immersive and converting product experiences. Deliver enriched product information and digital assets to your eCommerce platform at a moment’s notice.

For Adobe Commerce users, Pimberly is the dynamic solution that forms the backbone of your product data. Leverage Pimberly’s powerful workflows to ingest and enrich product data ready for your website.

Tailored for versatility and ease, Pimberly’s integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento) takes your eCommerce game to the next level. Rapidly accelerate your time-to-market and ensure all product data is enriched and consistent across all sales channels, allowing you to maximize the number of sales days.

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Why Pimberly is the perfect match for Adobe Commerce Cloud/Magento

Enhanced eCommerce Efficiency

Instead of spending time in spreadsheets fighting with your product data, Pimberly will ensure everything fits the requirements of Adobe Commerce. Furthermore, with the help of automated validation, enrichment rules, and AI-generated attribution, you’ll completely revolutionize your product data management and secure more sales.

With Pimberly, you can set the integration to run updates on an automated schedule or push updates manually. This way, you can set up your product data management processes to work on a time scale to suit your business needs and goals.

Pimberly’s automation and data governance drastically reduce manual tasks, accelerating time-to-market. Nevertheless, with Pimberly for Adobe Commerce Cloud, you and potential customers will have 100% trust in your product listings, so you’ll capture even more repeat customers.

Streamlined Product Information Management

Pimberly’s unlimited channel mapping technology and powerful automation transform your product data workflow to precisely meet Adobe Commerce’s unique attribute and digital asset requirements.

Pimberly’s seamless synchronization with Adobe Commerce eliminates discrepancies, ensuring every product detail—from dimensions to descriptions—is correct, complete, and definitive.

Ultimately, the automated precision between Pimberly and Adobe Commerce Cloud ensures data integrity across your online product catalog, providing a reliable foundation for product information.

Solving Scalability and Complexity

Pimberly’s integration with Adobe Commerce offers a robust solution to scalability and complexity. Designed for enterprise eCommerce brands with millions of SKUs, Pimberly will adapt to your growing product range and the intricate product relationships that go with it, ensuring your expansion is smooth and streamlined.

Adobe Commerce/Magento’s complex product relationships are very specific. Moreover, our integration is finely tuned to handle Adobe Commerce/Magento’s system of configurable products and their counterparts, meaning variant management becomes streamlined.

With Pimberly, custom bundles, and product attributes are easily handled, allowing for detailed product enrichment without overwhelming your team. Moreover, you will improve the quality of the customer journey in the process, resulting in a higher average order value.

Streamlined processes make data handling a smooth operation, providing a reliable foundation for your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store regardless of data volume.

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Pimberly is the powerful SaaS Product Information Management & Digital Asset Management platform built for manufacturers, brands, distributors & retailers.

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What our users say…


“Our business is fast growing. As we acquire businesses, we acquire products. Pimberly is helping us put rules & requirements around our product data, which is enriching our data for customer use.”


“Since go live the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none and jump on a call at the drop of a hat. Now we are up and running we couldn’t live without the PIM as we use it every day!”


“Pimberly offers the most pliable configuration and interaction of any PIM we have reviewed. The guidance of the onboarding specialists helped in achieving the optimum output from a PIM solution that feels virtually custom-built.”