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The Pimberly – BigCommerce connector is an enterprise-grade integration between two MACH Alliance partners.

Pimberly’s BigCommerce PIM connector gives CTOs even more control over the flow of product information to BigCommerce. Upload, update, and enrich product information and digital assets across BigCommerce storefronts in real time via our in-house API connector.

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Pimberly’s BigCommerce API connector solves the problem of managing product information and custom product attributes across disparate systems. Instead, manage your product information from a single source of truth, with updates reflected across your BigCommerce store in a flash.

Transform your eCommerce experience and give your business a competitive edge with our game-changing connector.

Pimberly – BigCommerce Connector Benefits

Grow your online revenues with seamless integration

Shopping experiences shouldn’t just inform—they need to captivate. The Pimberly – BigCommerce connector powers your product listings with high-quality product data. This includes product data, detailed product specifications (both custom and basic), and crystal-clear images and videos.

With the connector, integration is simpler than you think. Pimberly will connect seamlessly to your existing tech stack, ensuring your product data is always up-to-date, consistent, and enriched.

Have complete visibility over any errors and make quick amends

Mistakes happen, but with the Pimberly – BigCommerce connector, they don’t have to be setbacks.

The connector’s listings functionality means users can check why a product has failed. You have complete visibility of errors in a readable and actionable format. Imagine you’re sending a product from Pimberly to your BigCommerce store. However, the upload fails. Rather than just giving you an error notification, Pimberly provides an error report explaining why it failed. For instance, a product might be missing its name or category. From this, you can quickly fix any problems and re-release the product

For enterprise businesses that regularly upload and update thousands of products, the connector listing feature saves you tons of time by cutting down on repetitive tasks. You can quickly identify and fix any bottlenecks in the product launch process and accelerate your time to market, giving you a competitive edge.

Implementation is managed in-house for increased efficiency

We own the implementation and maintenance of the connector. This way, you don’t have to worry about writing and managing complex code (and the money this costs!). Instead, we’re the ones who get our hands dirty. You’ll have complete peace of mind from knowing a team of experts supporting the growth of your business.

Pimberly’s professional services team will ensure your product data matches the requirements for the BigCommerce connector. We’ll ensure your product data flows seamlessly across your BigCommerce storefronts. It doesn’t matter what your internal product taxonomy is; we can make it bespoke to suit your business needs.

Some of the ways the Pimberly – BigCommerce connector supports enterprise eCommerce…

API-first enterprise-class technology between two MACH-certified partners

The connector is a best-of-breed, industry-established piece of API-API technology utilized by enterprise-level eCommerce businesses to grow and scale their business and securely manage their product data.

Ultimately, real-time integration between Pimberly and BigCommerce ensures market speed without additional management or API calls. The connector ensures product data flow is accurate and reduces overhead.

Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pimberly comes fully loaded with DAM capabilities. Via the Pimberly – BigCommerce connector, you can push high-quality imagery, videos, lookbooks, certification, swatches, etc, to your BigCommerce store to create extraordinary shopping experiences, converting more browsers to buyers.

In addition, the Pimberly – BigCommerce connector will optimize your images for BigCommerce’s guidelines. For instance, on BigCommerce, the optimal size for product photography is 1028px by 1028px. Pimberly will ensure your imagery sticks to this so you won’t get penalized. The connector will also convert images to your chosen file format (JPEG to PNG, etc.), allowing you to balance image quality and file size for faster page loading times.

Supports BigCommerce Multi-Storefront

The Pimberly – BigCommerce connector will power product data across your storefronts. If your storefronts require product data in a different format, Pimberly’s automation will scope your data according to the requirements of each storefront.

Because your product data is stored from a central repository, clicking across different browser windows is unnecessary. With Pimberly’s Bigcommerce integration, your efficiency will be sky-high.

Real-time product uploads/updates

Speed time to market with rapid product updates.

Any changes to product data in Pimberly will trigger an action via the connector. Planning a sale or expanding your product range has never been easier (or quicker!).

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  • Give your teams a central hub to manage and update product data
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Expand your product range with real-time product updates

The Pimberly – BigCommerce connector is engineered to handle the dynamism of online retail. Instead of relying on FTP protocols, the Pimberly – BigCommerce connector is event-driven. This way, any product updates are reflected near-instantaneously in your BigCommerce store.

Planning sales during critical strategic periods has always been challenging for enterprise-level eCommerce businesses. With Pimberly’s data governance and automation, you can easily prepare campaigns well ahead of time, saving you and your team hours of work.

Even a single change to a parent product could result in various updates to child products. Instead of spending time doing these updates manually, the connector ensures updates are as effective and efficient as possible. To streamline this process, product updates are managed and ordered via a queuing system. Bulk updating thousands of products is straightforward.

BigCommerce Multi-Store Functionality

With Pimberly, you can manage product data for all your BigCommerce storefronts from a single centralized platform. Through robust data governance and automation, Our BigCommerce PIM solution will tailor that data to fit the unique needs of your online storefronts.

Whether you’re targeting different geographical markets, catering to unique segments, or operating niche stores under your brand umbrella, you can create product experiences in keeping with the direct needs of your audience.

Update basic and custom attributes from a central source of truth

The Pimberly – BigCommerce connector simplifies updating attributes across your product range, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Beyond the basic attributes, you can also edit and update custom attributes within Pimberly. For users, this means you can manage all product details from a single source of truth. In other words, you don’t have to have Pimberly open in one tab and the BigCommerce backend in another. Updates to both basic and custom are synchronized across your entire eCommerce ecosystem from one place, saving you from tedious, repetitive tasks.

Bottom line: Pimberly is the best PIM for BigCommerce. The connector allows you to easily update and manage custom attributes, providing a platform to showcase your products and set them apart from competitors.

What our users say…


“Our business is fast growing. As we acquire businesses, we acquire products. Pimberly is helping us put rules & requirements around our product data, which is enriching our data for customer use.”


“Since go live the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none and jump on a call at the drop of a hat. Now we are up and running we couldn’t live without the PIM as we use it every day!”


“Pimberly offers the most pliable configuration and interaction of any PIM we have reviewed. The guidance of the onboarding specialists helped in achieving the optimum output from a PIM solution that feels virtually custom-built.”