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The Pimberly–Shopify connector is a revolutionary solution that simplifies the relationship between your product information and your eCommerce platform. Our enterprise-level Shopify connector transforms the complexities of product data hierarchies into a streamlined process, accelerating your time-to-market, saving time, and significantly improving your Shopify store’s performance.

Th Shopify PIM integration is designed to meet Shopify’s unique demands. We offer unparalleled flexibility in handling product data, streamlining integration processes, and enabling efficient mapping and data synchronization.

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Whether you plan to expand your product range, optimize your Shopify store for improved search visibility, or simply manage your store more efficiently, the Pimberly–Shopify connector is your key to unlocking the potential of your Shopify store.

We equip your store with the tools needed to grow and scale your online business, promising a bright future for your business. Take your Shopify store to the next level with improved product data management processes.

Pimberly – Shopify Connector Benefits

Grow your Shopify store with enriched product data

Take your Shopify store to new heights with enriched product data managed from Pimberly, mediated via our cutting-edge connector. The connector harnesses best-of-breed API technology to streamline the transfer of detailed product information from Pimberly to Shopify.

From an unlimited number of complex product attributes for the most complicated products to SEO-enriched product descriptions, this data will all be pushed into your Shopify store. Our Shopify PIM solution ensures your online store benefits from detailed and consistent product information.

Below are some of the Shopify-specific data points you can manage from Pimberly’s central repository:

  • Related products and create product fields via metafields for improved cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Product metafields at both parent/variant level
  • Push product imagery and other digital assets to Shopify’s Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • SEO content
  • Product status management, controlling the ability to set when a product is active or in draft
  • Manage compare-at prices for products and variants

Efficient Mapping and Data Synchronization

We know that everyone’s Shopify store is different. So, we built the connector to allow Pimberly to understand the configuration of each user’s Shopify store.

The connector pulls back your set-up through our integration process, including meta fields, taxonomy, categories, etc. Whatever your data hierarchy looks like, Pimberly will digest it to ensure streamlined and standardized product data management between the two platforms.

You don’t have to manage product data in disparate systems or spreadsheets. With a fit-for-purpose system at your disposal, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past.

Have complete visibility over any product upload issues

When a product upload error occurs (mismatched attribution, missing information, or other data inconsistency), the connector logs the issue, pinpointing the nature of the error. The connector replays errors in an accessible manner, allowing you to make quick adjustments without spending valuable hours trying to spot the error in spreadsheets.

Whether it’s a simple typo—or a more complex data discrepancy—the guidance ensures users can quickly rectify errors confidently, enhancing the quality of the product data on Shopify.

Some of the ways the Pimberly – Shopify connector supports enterprise eCommerce…

Near-instant product updates

Revolutionize your eCommerce strategy with near-instant product updates. Effortlessly launch new products, plan flash sales, and adapt to market trends with speed and efficiency. Get your Shopify store ahead of the competition with increased online sales.

In addition, the connector allows you to control when a product is in active or draft stage. You can plan product launches well before the official release date. In addition, this allows for effective campaign management. Preparing your product catalog well ahead of schedule for key events such as Black Friday gives you a competitive edge and maximizes sales opportunities.

Efficient mapping and data synchronization

The Pimberly–Shopify PIM connector streamlines the flow of your product data. The connector aligns Shopify fields to Pimberly’s data structure through comprehensive data mapping and synchronization.

In other words, the connector allows Pimberly to understand precisely how your Shopify store is configured (including metafields, attribution, taxonomy, categories, etc.). This means your product data from Pimberly always matches the requirements of your Shopify store. Pimberly will consolidate your product data, making it compatible with your Shopify store.

Integrated DAM functionality

Unlock the power of seamless digital asset management with the Pimberly–Shopify connector. Our integrated DAM functionality ensures all your product images, videos, certification, and documentation are synchronized with your Shopify store.

Take your product pages to the next level and enhance the customer experience with high-quality product experiences that convert.

Seamless real-time API integration process

Our initial setup phase intelligently pulls your Shopify store configuration into Pimberly, enabling smooth and intuitive mapping. This tailored approach simplifies the complex set of requirements of your Shopify store, making your eCommerce management effortless and efficient.

The connector ensures a bespoke setup tailored to suit your business needs. This leads to a more efficient flow of product information as product updates can be made quickly and easily, reflecting near-instantly on your Shopify store.

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Expand your product range with real-time product updates

The Pimberly–Shopify connector allows you to expand your product range and accelerate your time-to-market at a moment’s notice. Rather than relying on FTP (File Transfer Protocol), the fit-for-purpose solution facilitates near-instantaneous product updates, ensuring your Shopify store is dynamic and responsive to fast-changing consumer demands.

Pimberly also streamlines the process of product data management across multiple storefronts. Easily ensure product data is on-brand and consistent across multiple Shopify instances.

Event-Driven Architecture

Unlike FTP (file transfer protocol), Pimberly’s PIM Shopify integration utilizes an event-driven architecture. This facilitates the rapid synchronization of product data between Pimberly and Shopify.

When a product is updated or added in Pimberly, the change is queued for an update on your Shopify store, significantly reducing the time from conception to market availability.  Ensure your product range is always up-to-date and drive sales with the Pimberly – Shopify connector’s event-driven architecture.

Manage the connector from a bespoke UI for improved efficiency

Optimize your product data management via the connector’s bespoke UI. From here, you can oversee the integration between Pimberly and Shopify, giving you direct control over data synchronization and mapping.

You can release new products to market or amend existing ones from here. These modifications are made directly within the UI, so you don’t need to toggle between Pimberly and the Shopify backend to make any adjustments. Everything is entirely streamlined, saving your team from tedious, repetitive tasks.

During the handover, we ensure you and your staff understand the connector inside-out. Technical support is always a phone call away.

What our users say…


“Our business is fast growing. As we acquire businesses, we acquire products. Pimberly is helping us put rules & requirements around our product data, which is enriching our data for customer use.”


“Since go live the support from Pimberly has truly been second to none and jump on a call at the drop of a hat. Now we are up and running we couldn’t live without the PIM as we use it every day!”


“Pimberly offers the most pliable configuration and interaction of any PIM we have reviewed. The guidance of the onboarding specialists helped in achieving the optimum output from a PIM solution that feels virtually custom-built.”

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