The Essential Components of a Multi-Channel eCommerce Tech Stack

It’s never been easier for you to reach a global customer base. In addition, more and more sales channels are opening their ‘doors’ to allow you on to access customers wherever they like to buy. Accordingly, we understand the pressures of selling multi-channel. Hence, we’ve compiled this resource discussing the powerful platforms on the market you should consider for your multi-channel eCommerce tech stack.

Despite being a bit of a long read, this is your go-to resource when looking for a comprehensive reference. Here, we aim to clear up doubts and answer questions about your tech stack as they arise. Often, multi-channel eCommerce can be tricky, and we’re looking to provide as much clarity as possible. In fact, think of this whitepaper not just as a resource, but also as a tool of sorts to help you evaluate your tech stack for multi-channel selling.

In this whitepaper, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of:

  • What purpose each aspect of your ideal tech stack serves
  • Why a product information management (PIM) system is becoming the must-have toolset at the heart of any next-generation eCommerce tech stack
  • Lastly, we run through 150+ of the top softwares for each facet of your tech stack, including three in-depth company descriptions for each area

~25 min read (circa 11,000 words)

Access The Essential Components of a Multi-Channel eCommerce Tech Stack whitepaper for free now:

Understand the

multi-channel landscape

Use best-in-class


Become completely


Increase conversions

across channels

Meet customers

where they shop

Choosing the right technologies for your business

Gain a clear understanding of the service each software provides and decide which one is best suited for your company’s needs.

Guide your customers through the buyer journey

Provide customers a seamless experience with the right tech stack. Additionally, you can make changes in the back end without halting business when practicing headless commerce.

How does PIM fit into a multi-channel tech stack?

Learn where a PIM fits into your multi-channel eCommerce tech stack. Understand how it can work together with your other technologies.

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Access the Essential Components of a Multi-Channel eCommerce Tech Stack whitepaper for free now:

A multi-channel strategy focuses on creating a sales presence across multiple sales channels. In this approach, you need to ensure the products and information are correct and compliant across every channel. In fact, each channel has its own, validation, interfaces, and approach to selling. With multi-channel, you have a better chance of meeting the needs of the specific channels’ customers if you can tailor your content. With a product information management (PIM) software in place, this endeavor becomes a breeze.

Access the whitepaper to uncover how you can optimize your multi-channel eCommerce tech stack with the right softwares for your business.