Top 6 Benefits of AI-Generated Product Descriptions that Convert

Product descriptions are the most crucial element of online shopper conversions as competition in the eCommerce landscape continues to grow. But, creating compelling product descriptions is a time-consuming task requiring skill to capture the most important product features. In addition, if your business onboards hundreds or even thousands of new SKUs at a time, developing product descriptions causes delays, making it impossible to be the first to market. However, you can leverage AI-generated product descriptions to identify critical product features, create ready-to-edit copy for approval, and efficiently upload new products while expanding to new marketplaces.  Here are the top six benefits of AI-generated product descriptions for your growing eCommerce business.

1. Consistency

The more marketplaces you use, the more difficult it becomes to maintain brand consistency. One of the most significant benefits of AI-generated product descriptions is that it helps you maintain that all-important brand image.

Although you might worry that AI-generated copy will sound mechanical and lack personality, it can mimic tone, voice, and style based on your preferences. As a result, you can easily create impressive first drafts ready for editing and approval without the need to rewrite the copy to suit your brand. You also maintain the same high-quality product descriptions required by leading marketplaces and preferred by search engines.

2. Time saved

You can measure your return on investment by tracking the hours saved by your team. AI-generated product descriptions save your team time and effort by quickly using guidelines and settings to capture the essential features of your products. As mentioned above, the AI also uses tone and manner preferences to produce copy. Better yet, you can use your PIM to match your new copy with the correct digital assets. Everything is saved in one place to upload products to new marketplaces quickly.

It’s all possible thanks to AI algorithms designed to create a copy in minutes. You can also instantly create multiple variations instead of struggling to create unique product descriptions for every single marketplace. You free up valuable resources who can focus on the core aspects of the business. Your PIM can save even more time by leveraging automated approval processes.

3. Personalized product descriptions

AI algorithms also personalize product descriptions based on customer data and preferences. Nothing is more important to customers today than having content relevant to their preferences and buying habits.

You can pair customer behavior and past purchases to generate AI tailor-made product descriptions for individual customers, targets, and segments. As a result, you increase the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase. It’s also possible to use that data to create AI-generated recommendations to increase your average basket value.


4. SEO

Optimizing your AI-generated product descriptions for search engines improves your rankings and helps more customers find you. Your keyword strategy is put to good use for general searches, as well as marketplace-specific searches that bring your high-quality product descriptions front and center.

This benefit is significant when trying to stand out from competitors vying for the same customers. By incorporating keywords, your product descriptions become more appealing to customers and search engines alike. Best of all, you won’t sacrifice quality and will provide the critical product features most important to your customers.

5. Increased sales

Ultimately, your product descriptions need to convert shoppers into customers. If your product descriptions don’t cut it, customers won’t feel confident in the products you sell and will seek a similar product elsewhere. You have one shot at making that conversion, so when someone makes it to a product page, you need to provide high-quality product descriptions that push them to the checkout.

AI-generated product descriptions can be highly effective in increasing sales with the ability to zero in on core features. As mentioned, when you combine basic description requests with AI capabilities to personalize and target content, you’ll be even more effective at finding new customers who are more likely to offer increased lifetime value.

6. Remove bias

When your goals include expanding to global markets, you need to have the ability to create product descriptions suited to that specific customer. AI-generated product descriptions, in hand with a PIM, enable you to create relevant content AND easily accommodate different languages and currencies. As a result, you can capture a wider audience from other areas of the world when people find your products. Your product descriptions always remain relevant by removing biases that can create a disconnect between your products and new audiences.

As you can see, AI-generated content helps you expand to new marketplaces and convert shoppers into customers. Pimberly provides a PIM solution with AI capabilities to create, save and store enriched product descriptions along with your digital assets. Click here to book a demo today.