Pimberly’s Vendor Portal for Manufacturers

When we decided to create our product information management (PIM) software, we knew we had to understand the needs of the industries we serve. For manufacturers, dealing with hundreds of suppliers creates a bottleneck that can hold up your product description development and slow down your time to market. Our new Vendor Portal provides a self-serve way for suppliers to share product information.

Templates control the product information they provide, so you always have the exact data you need to enrich your product descriptions, spec and sell sheets, and more. Here’s how our vendor portal makes your life easier.

1. What is a vendor portal?

Vendor portals provide a central online location used exclusively by manufacturers and their suppliers/vendors. Portals streamline communication, enabling you to collaborate and improve day-to-day third-party processes.

In addition, you can create formatted templates designed to collect information and create a seamless process to improve product information accuracy and quality.

2. How can manufacturers use the vendor portal?

Today, vendor portals play a crucial role in the supply chain. They enable manufacturers to track and collect data from multiple suppliers in one central, secure location. In turn, this helps enforce time-saving processes and improve consistencies to keep your team efficient. It also reduces supply chain redundancies and errors.

When you deal with highly complex product information, such as supply chain information, specs, component-level attributes, etc., accuracy is critical. However, when your team tries to speed up the process and pull information themselves, there is no guarantee that the data is correct, up-to-date, and compliant.

A portal eliminates chasing after suppliers for information and mitigates risk by enabling suppliers to provide their information reliably.

Your vendor portal:

  • Controls the quality of content you receive using specific fields and content requirements,
  • Optimizes the use of ETIM to ensure consistency, and
  • Frees up your team from chasing after information from multiple vendors

Suppliers have 24/7 access to your portal, enabling them to provide information updates at any time and from anywhere. This convenience encourages vendors to update their information so your team always has the most recent version.

3. Why Pimberly for manufacturers?

Pimberly is proud to be one of the only PIMs on the market with a vendor portal. Our manufacturer users are faced with the ongoing hassle of managing and updating complex product data provided by their vendors. If you can’t access this information when you need it, it drastically slows your time to market and puts your brand at risk by sharing inaccurate or outdated component information.

Our vendor portal for manufacturers facilitates accurate data collection in a templated format that ensures consistency for your brand. You can collect high-quality product data from multiple vendors and bring it directly into our PIM in seconds.

Our portal enables you to improve your product management by consolidating your PIM and vendor information to:

Streamline vendor product data collection

Suppliers can provide product updates and new product information using a template to collect data that suits your needs.

Eliminate manual merging

Using your templates, your team no longer needs to worry about consolidating information from different formats and spreadsheets when assembling complex technical data. You receive information from multiple sources in one templated format, so it is ready to use in your PIM.

Avoid discrepancies

The portal helps eliminate the risk of discrepancies caused by issues such as your team using unreliable online sources, not having the most up-to-date information in your PIM, or having different versions of product information not aligned with the ETIM.

Create a single location

Your PIM is your single product information source, while your supplier portal imports component product data from multiple sources. With a PIM-powered vendor portal, your team can confidently use supplier data from your PIM for various business purposes and functions.

Match text and digital assets

You can use your portal to collect both text and digital assets provided by suppliers, so all your information is adequately matched within your PIM based on SKUs, ETIM, etc.

Help vendors help themselves

Your suppliers love the convenience of having a tool they can access in real time and at their convenience. In addition, your templates tell them what information you need, making sharing information easier. They also appreciate your efforts and feel confident you will represent their component information accurately to protect their brand.

Improve productivity

Your team can quickly receive supplier information in real time, add it to your PIM, and generate automated attributions ready to post across different sales channels and marketplaces.

Simply put, a PIM-powered vendor portal improves reliability in supplier data collection, using formatted templates that avoid human error.