Leveraging AI-Generated Product Descriptions

Creating product descriptions is a cumbersome task, especially when you have a limited character count to highlight the product’s best qualities. However, with AI, product descriptions can write themselves. Technology has made it easy to leverage AI-generated product descriptions with nothing more than the character limit, keywords, and a decided tone of voice. Here’s how you can leverage Pimberly’s AI to create multiple variations of clean, optimized copy for your product descriptions, ready to upload across all marketplaces.

1. The challenges of product descriptions

Product descriptions are the most important element of your buyer’s journey. They provide the information your customers need to make informed decisions and confident purchases. Unfortunately, your creative team faces several challenges when it comes to creating product descriptions that sell, including:

Character Limits

Thanks to marketplace character limits, your marketing team is tasked to determine what product highlights are the most important. The more complex your product’s features, the more difficult this becomes.

Different Customer Profiles

When you sell on several marketplaces, to expand your reach to meet the needs of different targets, your team needs to create several versions of each product description. This is to not only address different character limits but also appeal to specific customers with different profiles and behaviors.

Different Products

Marketplace formatting and SEO best practices require unique, AI-generated product descriptions for every single product you sell. Even when products are very similar, each SKU must be original. This is difficult to achieve when the differences between your inventory are minuscule.

Optimizing Product Information

To optimize your product descriptions, you need to do a bit of testing to find the best approach. However, A/B testing is extremely time-consuming, taking your team away from other critical tasks they need to perform.

2. What are AI-generated product descriptions?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, uses “machine learning” to adapt its capabilities to perform specific tasks. In other words, it is self-training, enabling you to feed it small amounts of information to see big results.

AI-generated product descriptions only require a small amount of information to learn enough about the product and expand on it. In this case, the small pieces of information are business, product, character limit, keywords, and tone of voice.

When you feed this information into the system, machine learning digests the information, and AI generates a description that encompasses the information you provide.

3. How to leverage AI-generated product descriptions

Pimberly AI uses a simple interface that makes it easy to generate product descriptions in seconds. Your team just needs to fill out a few fields to provide enough information for our AI to kick in and generate the product descriptions you need to meet the requirements of each marketplace. Our system provides three copy variations for your product description, enabling your team to choose the one they prefer.

A/B Testing

The three variations provide other benefits, including facilitating testing to find the most effective version for each product. You can test further and check the analytics to see which one seems to be performing the best without your marketing team putting in the effort to create multiple versions of the same content. Instead, they can use the AI-generated versions to experiment even further.

Original Content for Similar Products

The three variations also enable you to remain compliant with marketplace guidelines requiring each product description to be unique. You can work with the versions to create original content with less effort from your copywriters.

Different Customer Profiles

Using A/B testing, you can determine what copy works best for different customer profiles. As mentioned, this is always a concern because different marketplaces cater to different types of customers. Understanding their needs and ensuring your product descriptions appeal to each channel’s customer base ensures your rollout across different marketplaces is successful.


Creativity is never sacrificed because you have control over the wording and product descriptions you choose to publish. Even the pickiest creative directors see the advantage of AI-generated descriptions because they provide the base and inspiration for character-appropriate copy. No rules say the content has to be used verbatim. Instead, the product descriptions provide a jumping-off point. Copywriters avoid the frustration and constant edits required to meet the character limits without sacrificing the quality of the content or the tone and manner of your brand.

Pimberly AI saves eCommerce and creative teams significant time by automatically generating unique product descriptions. When you harness the power of Pimberly’s AI, you create the perfect product descriptions every time — effortlessly.