How to Improve Sales with a Centralized Data Hub: Part 1

Quality product content helps build trust and customer loyalty, as does the way in which your site and catalog are formatted. To maintain this quality of product content, you must ensure your product information is accurate and up to date across all your sales channels. With a centralized hub of product data provided by a PIM alongside the right content writing service, brands are provided the ability to produce quality, reliable copy. It can be used for product descriptions, social, FAQs. newsletters, etc.

Optimizing your product content (product descriptions, web pages, and product catalogs) with automation gives your customers a consistently positive experience with your store. The ability to automatically update any changes with your products can be a huge advantage. In turn, you can alter descriptions/content depending on the requirements of each sales channel.

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1. What is a PIM?

PIM, or Product Information Management, is a centralized system that serves as a product data hub. Brands, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers use PIM systems to gather, store, enrich, and directly publish their product data across all their sales channels with ease and efficiency. In other words, A PIM makes it simple to gather all your product information from an unlimited number of data sources, external or internal, in any format.

All this is then stored, managed, enriched, and distributed from one single location. The system serves as a single source of truth to ensure customers, team members, and suppliers always receive totally up-to-date and accurate product information (for instance, with any copy you use on your site or on other sales channels).

2. Increasing sales with customer loyalty

Product data provides your brand the ability to speak to unique personas all over the world. Multiple versions of product information and assets are unavoidable when practicing this kind of ability. However, a PIM enables you to personalize your product content to ensure it suits the needs of your customers based on their preferred shopping channel. Although you have a single source of information to provide consistent customer experiences, each customer sees the product content in a suitable fashion for their needs. 

Your customers easily receive the relevant information they need when they need it with a reliable source for all your keywords. As a result, you are always one step ahead of the competition in terms of building customer loyalty. Thus, the customer feels spoken to when they come across your brand – regardless of where that might be. 

Your most impactful keywords for product can come from strange places. Product reviews (even negative ones!) can lead to great copy terms for your use wherever you see fit. Terms relevant to your products used on social, or on any additional web pages, are all at your disposal to provide your content team with the best possible list of keywords to make your products shine. Even the most abstract of terms, like “comfy,” or “loose-fitting,” will always be brought into your PIM when used in relation to your products.

3. Optimize the content on your site and everywhere you sell

Once a PIM compiles all your keywords from all possible sources and places them into a central hub, you empower your content writing partner to deliver optimized, impactful copy for your store – whether it’s product descriptions, blogs, FAQs, newsletters, etc.

The product content is not only optimized on your site, but also on every channel you use to sell your products (i.e., TikTok). Therefore, your content writing service is essentially provided the largest possible arsenal of impactful keywords to pull from to promote your brand and the products you sell.

Enhancing the product content for your native site is certainly essential. However, it’s arguably just as important to ensure the copy is enhanced on all channels to provide a sense of consistency. This methodology ties back into meeting customers where they are at the right time with the right information. Professional content writers help not only with using the right keywords, but also will keep your brand’s tone-of-voice intact across all these channels.


4. How Pimberly provides you with consistently reliable, quality product content

By leveraging a PIM software such as Pimberly, along with a content writing agency like ContentWriters, you ensure you’re always providing quality, reliable product content to potential customers wherever they are looking. In other words, Pimberly provides the toolbox, and ContentWriters are the experts at using the tools. 

Professional content writers often must resort to combing through your site, recent SEO audits, or plain old research to find the right keywords to use. However, with Pimberly, a content writing service has a goldmine of keywords to resort to. In turn, your brand gets the most out of your product content. Additionally, your professional writers are fully equipped with the best-performing keywords and phrases. The two services work symbiotically to provide you with best-in-class product content. 

A PIM also provides your content writing service the agility to format the product content in any way certain channels/marketplaces require. The PIM retains the information regarding each channel’s, making it far easier for your content writers to pivot for each area where engaging, compliant copy is required. 

5. Conclusion: the better the content, the better the sales

Overall, your content writing service is there to keep your copy fresh and SEO-optimized with the right keywords. Pimberly bolsters their ability to not only get creative, but also increase conversions by pulling keywords that have proven success and providing the formatting required by each channel for said copy (i.e., character limit). The relationship also works both ways – with all of your most potent keywords in one centralized hub, you’re able to provide professional writers with the right copy and let their creative abilities heighten the copy even further. 

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