The 2023 Guide for Turning Browsers into Buyers

If getting visitors to make purchases feels like pulling teeth, you need to identify their objections to convert them into customers. Here we offer our 2023 guide for turning browsers into buyers with the help of an AI-powered PIM.

1. Understanding the 2023 eCommerce landscape

First, it helps to understand how the eCommerce landscape is changing in 2023. There are several things influencing trends, including:


AI-generated content marketing used as the be-all and end-all will slowly decrease marketing effectiveness. You are better off using AI-generated content to streamline the creative process and collect information before letting your creative team fine-tune the content to put it into context. This way, the content resonates with customers instead of arousing suspicions.


With comparison shopping made easy with the click of a mouse, pricing pressures are making it difficult for smaller eCommerce companies to remain competitive. As a result, you need to focus on quality product data to differentiate yourself and prove your worth.

Social Commerce

Social platform sales make purchases more manageable. This might provide an edge if you enjoy a good following or can afford to invest in some social advertising. It’s a seamless process, with the help of a PIM and today is all about ease.


This isn’t new but still holds in today’s e-commerce landscape. Using data and AI to show customers what they need at the best possible times leads to increased conversions.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

This is important to customer purchases as they want a brick-and-mortar shopping experience without leaving their homes. Managing different types of unstructured data with a PIM/DAM will enable you to create immersive experiences so customers can make purchasing decisions quickly.

Sustainable and Ethical Shopping

Ensuring your product information speaks to things like sustainability enables customers to feel good about ethical purchases. A PIM helps you remain compliant to avoid “greenwashing”.

How to Leverage 2023 eCommerce Trends

Since most 2023 trends improve customer experience, enhanced information and more straightforward product purchase methods require an AI-capable full-service PIM/DAM. You can leverage your product information and AI in tandem to increase time-to-market while providing enhanced product data that helps customers make informed decisions.

Your structured and unstructured data is housed in a central location as a single source of truth, ready to use across all sales channels. You can even make automatic data updates to AI-sourced descriptions found on leading marketplaces.

What is a PIM full-service offering?

With many PIM systems, you are handed the software and must hire a third party for deployment. However, with a full-service PIM, you receive best-in-class software AND full-service implementation that avoids disruptions. A full-service PIM/DAM hybrid with AI capabilities enables you to achieve the following:

  • Save time with simplified implementation and automation of time-consuming processes
  • Improve collaboration and, in turn, productivity by reducing errors and having everyone working from a single source of truth for your critical product information data
  • Make data-driven decisions with access to real-time, accurate data to succeed 2023 and on
  • Get products to market quickly with AI automation that simplifies the product information process, such as AI-generated content, image recognition to create text descriptions, and search capabilities to find existing product information from major marketplaces such as Amazon and Spotify

2. How to turn browsers into buyers 2023

You can help turn browsers into buyers by improving the following:

Product pages and attributes to highlight

  • Get the sizing right: Define sizes and use charts to help people choose the right attributes
  • Use reviews: In-depth product reviews give more value to your customers, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real customer experiences.
  • Enriched product information: Use detailed product descriptions so customers understand what makes it best, why they need it, and who it’s for.
  • Digital assets: Pictures and video enhance customer experience and make it easier to make a purchase.
  • Tracking: Enable customers to track orders so they know when to expect them. Also, tracking real-time stock levels avoids disappointment.
  • Recommendations: Use AI to make recommendations when products are unavailable or to up and cross-sell.


Using a PIM can help improve eCommerce SEO effectiveness with intuitive and intelligent features.

Customer loyalty

Centralized information creates personalized experiences while ensuring accuracy. As a result, you can ensure your product data is contextualized and relevant to each shopping channel. Accuracy also builds trust and improves customer experience.

3. Why PIM is an essential part of your 2023 eCommerce strategy

A PIM streamlines core functionalities required for eCommerce, including:

  • Managing data required for the marketing and sale of products
  • Storing and managing complex product data and digital assets in a central platform
  • Ensuring all stakeholders, including brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, work from a single source of truth
  • Collating product information from multiple sources, including your ERP, PLM, or supplier feeds
  • Cleansing, enriching, and optimizing all your product data and assets
  • Easy publishing across all sales channels, marketplaces, resellers, social media platforms, and eCommerce sites based on each channel’s formatting requirements
  • Importing your data and assets from multiple systems in varied formats
  • Flagging product data discrepancies, errors, or contradictions
  • Updating and editing product data
  • Providing customers with robust product data detail to make quick purchasing decisions
  • Distributing product information to multiple sales channels and/or geographies
  • Maintaining data consistency for regulatory compliance

At first glance, a PIM may have nothing to do with converting customers. However, on closer inspection, the functions of the hybrid, AI-powered PIM like Pimberly focuses on enriched, compliant, SEO-enhanced data that helps turn browsers into buyers. Set up a demo to see our PIM in action.