What Makes a Full-Service PIM More Adept Than Others?

Although the PIM itself might sound like the ideal solution when shopping around for a PIM, most PIM platform companies only provide the technology. As a result, you’re left to your own devices for implementation. If you decide to outsource deployment and hire a third-party implementation agency, there’s a disconnect between proper use and support for your team.

This is because neither the platform provider nor the implementor is willing to take full responsibility for the PIM’s performance and deployment. Pimberly is one of the only full-service PIMs on the market, from sale through implementation, right into deployment. So, what makes a full-service more adept than the others? Read on!

1. The current PIM/DAM landscape

Many PIM/DAM solutions started as one or the other. Over time the tech companies eventually realize you can’t have one without the other. Therefore, they had to create a hybrid to meet the needs of their users. The result is inevitably an unbalanced solution where the afterthought add-on isn’t as robust. So, you’re working with a weak link in your information and asset management, and your team pays the price.

Also, because the PIM provider is less familiar with the DAM or vice versa, they pass implementation onto a third party provider to get their product up and running. Even worse, you are left to outsource deployment on your own. Again, your team pays the price because there isn’t accountability on either side of the table: PIM or implementor. This leads to holes in PIM performance because you don’t gain insights into the platform’s full power (or weaknesses).

2. Outsourced vs. full-service for PIM

Many PIMs currently sell you the technology, wave goodbye, and part on their merry way. This lack of commitment to their own product leaves you with a third-party agency to handle the implementation. In all honesty, it’s not the implementation team’s fault if the deployment goes south, as they lack familiarity with the platform. They might want to take accountability but just don’t have an intimate enough understanding of the PIM/DAM’s functionality. Either way, you are at a disadvantage as you don’t have full support from the third-party implementation team or the software provider.

On the other hand, when you choose a full-service PIM, they understand the capabilities of their platform and use it to manage your vast amount of product information. They take full responsibility for their product and ensure they don’t disrupt your business during implementation.

Instead, they have already performed an assessment of your current processes and can focus on implementation. They can focus on meeting the requirements and workings of your business. They aren’t just selling a PIM/DAM but instead creating an opportunity enabling you to take full advantage of their product. As a result, you enjoy the full value of your investment, and your entire team continues to benefit from your full-service PIM/DAM as a true end-to-end solution.

3. Why Pimberly chooses to be full-service

As a full-service PIM, Pimberly understands your product data is not only complex but unique. You have your own processes in place designed to manage your product information to align with your brand. It makes no sense to us to show you all the fantastic features of our product and then leave it to a third-party provider less familiar with our product to implement it for you. This doesn’t reflect well on our brand and also makes it difficult for you to reap the full benefits of our product.

Although our PIM is simple to use, we believe that when we take the time to build relationships with our customers. Also, we enable them to build a more comprehensive product data management process that makes your team more effective. Our customer relationships ensure you use our PIM/DAM solution to meet your goals. And we understand your goals because we take the time to get to know you. We are trusted to manage product data because we ensure everything is set up properly so our platform runs smoothly once it is deployed.

Why full-service?

Implementation of our full-service PIM ensures your team:

  • Saves time: When we implement your PIM, we empower your business functions so every department knows how to use your PIM to meet company goals. We reduce time-consuming low-value manual tasks through automation.
  • Collaborates: Working together efficiently improves productivity, reduces errors, and creates a single source of truth for critical data across all departments. As mentioned above, your team performs more high-value tasks to positively impact your SKU growth potential, customer service, and bottom line.
  • Makes data-driven decisions: Your centralized storage system reduces duplicates and provides real-time data all departments can rely on to make informed decisions.
  • Gets products to market quickly: Technology such as a PIM decreases time to market and ensures you remain at the forefront of your industry.

Our full-service PIM guarantees you develop improved methods to leverage the power of PIM. You avoid third-party agencies and build relationships both with customers and your team creating a stable, flourishing company that remains sustainable and scalable.