Customer Connect

Customer Connect streamlines how you distribute enriched product data to your customers. Pimberly’s functionality provides your Connected Customers with a secure lens into your data.  Saving both you and your Connected Customers time and hassle by only sharing the data that is needed in the right format.

Pimberly Screen Customer Connect

In many sectors, businesses want to share enriched data with their customers, and what might start off as a favour can soon become a must-have and a painful process to manage.

Using Customer Connect will give you the power to decide what data points are shared with Connected Customers, empowering them to self-serve.

Be a supply chain hero and remove duplication!

Strengthened Customer Relationships

Enforce Brand Consistency

Share data without a worry

Supercharge productivity

Highly Secure 

Invite Connected Customers through a secure authenticated link so only the customers you choose to invite will see the data you share. These Connected Customers will then have access to a secure interface where you, as a Pimberly customer, can control what products, attributes, and assets they can access.


Real-time Connection 

Connected Customers have a lens into your data allowing them to access the most up-to-date versions whenever they want, making version control a thing of the past! Saving not only your customers’ time, but also freeing up valuable hours within your team that would have previously been spent collecting and formatting data.

Bespoke Feeds, Backed by Powerful Automation  

Empower your Connected Customers by sharing Pimberly functionality; They’ll have the ability to create bespoke channels and API calls that can feed directly into their eCommerce channels

Increased Visibility

Gain a greater insight into what data your Connected Customers are (and more importantly aren’t) feeding into, allowing you to adapt the service you provide to your customers by using data insight over gut feeling.

Screen with Pimberly PIM platform - showing Product Information Management dashboard

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Getting started is easy for you…

Step 1

Invite Connected Customers by adding new downstream channels.  Name the channel and then select the customer you want to connect with – this will send out a secure invite.

Step 2

Specify what level of data you want to share with your Connected Customer; you’ll have the choice between which scopes, locales, or attributes they can see.

Step 3

Select which products you want to share with your Connected Customers and release them to the Connect channel.

And for your Connected Customers

Step 1

Connected Customers will get a secure email invite. Once accepted they will be directed to the Customer Connect dashboard.

Step 2

Here, they can choose the products they wish to retrieve data for. Then they can either; download a spreadsheet straight from the dashboard or enrich this data further in a light version of Pimberly.

Step 3

Within the light version of Pimberly they can make edits to their version of the data, export or set up their own channels to their eCommerce platforms, or scopes out to their marketplaces.

Turbocharge Productivity 

Give your Connected Customers the ability to safely retrieve the data they need in a matter of moments, saving valuable time by being able to retrieve the data in the desired format for their internal systems, without having to perform any imports or exports. This will save time for your Connected Customers and will reduce the workload within your team by automating how data is shared.

Connected Customers will have a real-time connection to your data,  removing the need to share multiple versions and empowering your customers by providing them with the most up to date information

Strengthened Relations with Customers

It’s not a one size fits all model; with Customer Connect you can create dynamic relationships sharing varying levels of data. Give your Connected Customers the power to self-serve – supplying them with rich on–demand data and in a format that they choose.

Show a larger catalogue of products to your Connected Customers. With Customer Connect you’ll have the ability to share products you are looking to upsell or cross-sell, giving them an exclusive look into a new product range. Or you can work with your Connected Customers to plan ahead for their next range.

Become the source of truth for your Connected Customers

Share data without a worry

Have confidence that the correct data is being shared securely with customers through a range of in-built security features. Connected Customers will have a lens into your data, giving you full control of the granularity of the data that is shared.

Enforce Brand Consistency

As your products travel downstream, they may lose carefully placed messaging you’ve applied to product descriptions, imagery. For example; specific washing instructions from the manufacturer that ensure the longevity of products.

Supply your Connected Customers with a sophisticated connection that feeds directly into their eCommerce platform with automation, removing the need for flat files where important descriptions or metadata could be missed.


Pimberly grows with your business, with tiers to suit you. The prices below are incremental to your Pimberly platform fee, the details of which can be found here.

  • Regular
  • £6,000
    per year
  • Pro
  • £12,000
    per year
  • Corporate
  • £18,000
    per year
  • Enterprise
  • Contact
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