Pimberly Learning: Skills Transfer

Skills Transfer sessions are conducted in an online environment but can be scheduled at either your site or at our offices where we can provide a distraction-free setting for the time that you need. (NOTE: face to face sessions subject to relevant Covid-19 restrictions)

Below is a full list of the sessions we offer. Feel free to choose a couple, creating a bundle that suits your time availability and skill level. If you are interested in enrolling then let your Account Manager know and  we will work with our Technical Account Manager to create a session that works for you.

Our Skills Transfer Sessions Include:

User interface

10 mins

  • The main Pimberly User Interface
  • Console Selection
  • Editing Products

Products Page

20 mins

  • Examples of different options on the products page
  • Example Export, Release, Update, Bulk Edit
  • Searching for products
  • Editing products


20 mins

  • Adding images to products
  • Uploading images to the DAM
  • Manually Assign Images to Products
  • Automatically Assign Images to Products


30 mins

  • Identifier Tab
  • Taxonomy
  • Rules
  • Access Controls
  • Automation permissions

Product Types

15 mins

  • Create example product types
  • Product hierarchy

Feeds & Channels

30 mins

  • Setting up Feeds
  • Setting up Channels
  • Releasing products
  • Unreleasing products

Category Tree

20 mins

  • What is a category tree?
  • Updating the Category Tree(s) of a Product
  • Modifying the values in a Category Tree
  • Creating a new Category Tree

Data sets

30 mins

  • When to use data sets
  • Creating a basic data set
  • Filtered Data Sets and Labels versus Values
  • Hook up a new Attribute to the filtered Data Sets


30 mins

  • What a Lifecycle means in Pimberly
  • How to set up a Lifecycle
  • Different Lifecycle stage
  • Conditions on Lifecycle
  • Automation with Lifecycles

Searching and filtering

30 mins

  • Choosing data columns
  • Search By
  • Displayed Attributes
  • Advanced – Attribute Picker
  • Advanced – Multi Code Search
  • Schema
  • By Presets
  • Faceted
  • Local/Saved Filters

Bulk updating products

20 mins

  • Updating Pimberly Product Data
  • Pimberly UI
  • Manual Imports
  • Importing into Pimberly
  • Updating Product Categorisation

Releasing / Unreleasing

20 mins

  • Pimberly UI
  • Bulk updating
  • Releasing products
  • Unreleasing products


30 mins

  • Product lifecycles with Workflows
  • Categorisation and un-categorisation
  • Calculated attributes
  • Common examples of Automation

Sessions that work around you!

Get in touch with your Pimberly Account Manager to create a bundle of the skills transfer sessions that work for your time and skill requirements.