Pimberly Success Story: EMM International BV

Our first big win was centralising all our product information. Now that we have that golden record, whoever accesses the information knows it is 100% correct — Pimberly is the place to be for correct information. That gives us a lot of confidence.

Marketing and Communications, EMM International

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EMM set to paint the world red with eCommerce success

EMM International BV is at the forefront of the paint industry, developing, producing and supplying everything required for effective and efficient paint applications. EMM’s high-quality varnish processing serves the automotive, aviation, marine, and manufacturing industries. Founded in the 1980s in the Netherlands, EMM has been developing innovative solutions for all markets involved in the world of varnish processing since day one.   
Delivering to over 125 countries worldwideEMM has launched over 40 new products in the last three years under the brands Colad and Hamach. 

Achieving business agility & creating happy customers  

Looking back just two years before EMM’s implementation of Pimberly, there were a lot of manual processes surrounding their product data managementThe business had high aspirations for their eCommerce strategy but, as things stood, reaching them would not be easy. They wanted to make the most of their talented team butif they did not find an efficient solution to manage their, they would have to hire extra skilled employees.   

Pimberly enabled EMM to reduce laborious tasks, meaning they now work in a more agile way utilising the current team. This isn’t the only benefit gained from this extra agility; they can now share information with customers in two minutesPreviously, this task used to take over an hour, a time saving that has delighted their customers because they can now access new product information instantly. 

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Like us,  our customers are working on their online presence,  and the rich media and data that comes from  Colad and Hamach only strengthens this.  Using the Pimberly export options and REST API features we can respond very quickly to all our customers product data related demands.

Lodewieke van Stevendaal, Marketing and Communications

Working with a platform that makes a business feel empowered 

EMM Case Study

The thing we love most about Pimberly is the flexibility. This is two-fold; first is how flexible the platform is – we can dream up a requirement and were always confident that Pimberly can do it. And the second is the flexibility the platform has given us as a company.

EMM International

With Pimberly, the team at EMM haven’t needed to employ an external partner to add extra elements within Pimberly’s configuration. When they wanted to make a change, they know this is something they can do very easily – this confidence in using the platform has given the team a sense of empowerment.   

The flexibility of the platform has also enabled the team to get technical. They have added an API connection from Pimberly to their live sites which is called for twice a day, so they can sit back and not have to worry about the content being updated – it’s all taken care off.  

Adding extra complexity to the workflow wasn’t an option before EMM had Pimberly. The teams time was heavily saturated by sharing and managing information for over 1000 products, and this level of flexibility and automation was something they could only dream of 

Managing multiple websites with ease creating better customer experiences 

Managing thousands of products across multiple brands is never an easy job. EMM were struggling to keep all their sites up to date with their old solution. When they had products sitting on multiple websites, the same descriptions and digital assets were used across all channels. Tailoring this data to each audience just wasn’t an option, so they needed to find a smarter way of working.  The team at EMM were hoping for a more efficient way to manage data across different brands without having to create multiple records. 

Making use of the scoping functionality within Pimberly, EMM can now easily release the same product to each of their branded websites with different descriptions and media. Allowing them to tailor each product for its specific audience, painting each brand in a better light, gives their customers the best possible experience 

EMM Case Study

Seeing the changes made within Pimberly instantly reflected across our online channels is a huge success, and a huge step forward in terms of getting the best results from our technical platform.

Lodewieke van Stevendaal, Marketing and Communications

Time to work on what really matters

The EMM team is now able to work more efficiently thanks to Pimberlymeaning they have been able to upgrade their Marketing and Communication strategy.  

One area that has seen the most benefit is their SEO (search engine optimisation) Centralising the product information within Pimberly gives them much more control over product descriptions and image metadata.

 They have also worked closely with one of Pimberlys consultants to add an HTML field into Pimberly. This automatically feeds the heading data for the product pages, saving time allocating resource to add the right tags in afterwards. By using Pimberly alongside updating their website, EMM have seen a 25% increase year-on-year in the amount of traffic on-site.   

We are saving a lot of internal resources thanks to automation. This is what working smart looks like.

EMM International

EMM set to spread their brand worldwide with a colourful future in store

EMM’s main focus for future is growth, and they’re putting their customers at the heart of this growth – they want to find solutions that help their customers excel in the work they do.   

To reach their growth aspirations, EMM are making it their mantra to work smarter and more efficiently. Utilising the features within Pimberly is going to help them achieve this 

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