Pimberly & Increasingly

Maximising Online Sales Through the Power of AI and Product Data

In this online panel, we spoke to businesses that are maximising online sales by using product data and AI. Our panellists spoke about how they’ve taken their eCommerce operations to the next level. We also delved into the role product data and AI play when it comes to creating online experiences that keep customers coming back.

Areas of discussion:

  • The different uses of AI and product data
  • The importance of AI and product data in the customer journey
  • How AI and product data can be used to create amazing online experiences
  • How AI and product data can be used to maximise online sales
  • Getting the most from AI and product data
  • How technology can be used to achieve operational excellence

There’s such a broad scope with the uses of product data and AI. When combined, you can totally transform the way you operate. Maximise online sales by streamlining processes, get the most from your data and take your customers on a journey they won’t forget.

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Sri Sharma

CEO & Founder



Craig McCalley 

Managing Director


James Ewens

James Ewens 

Head of eCommerce



Fergus Bell

Head of eCommerce


What is Increasingly?

Increasingly uses powerful AI to boost basket revenue, AOV and ROI with their intelligent product bundling technology. Using natural language processing and neural networks, the platform serves customers with highly relevant cross-sells & upsells to boost performance.

What is Pimberly?

Pimberly is a powerful cloud-based PIM (Product Information Management) platform that synchronises all aspects of product data & digital asset management processes. The platform increases speed to market, and facilitates product launches and overseas expansion.