PIMsights: The Secrets to Retail Velocity

PIMsights Episode 5: The Secrets to Retail Velocity

Uncover unique insights from leading industry experts in the world of eCommerce. Discover tips and retail strategies to drive your own success, and learn about the relationship between digital domination and product data. With direct access into their world, tune into their findings and be a part of our digital conversation.

Episode 5:

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Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer

Join us for this episode, with special guest Richard Palmer, Lead of Strategy at Appnovation for EMEA. Richard has worked with a range of global companies throughout his career, including the likes of Nestle, Danone, Mercedes Benz, and most recently heading up Shell’s global retail strategy. At Appnovation, Richard helps businesses become digitally fit and formulate engaging multi-channel strategies. By taking a 360 holistic view, he focuses on the impact digital can bring to a business.

In this episode, we review 5 key pillars to a fresh, relevant, and successful retail strategy. Born out of an analysis of the current consumer environment, Richard guides us through examples of how organizations can maximize their long-term strategy to drive eCommerce success.

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