the road to a net zero supply chain

Episode 4: The Road to a Net Zero Supply Chain

Uncover unique insights from leading industry experts in the world of eCommerce. Discover tips and retail strategies to drive your own success, and learn about the relationship between product data and a net-zero supply chain. With direct access into their world, tune into their findings and be a part of our digital conversation.

Episode 4:

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Alex Tatham 

On the fourth episode of PIMsights, Alex Tatham joins us to share his insights on the net-zero supply chain. Alex is a channel veteran, having over 25 years of experience in the Hardware eCommerce industry. Including 13 years at Westcoast where he became  Managing Director and was responsible for 800% of sales growth.

In this episode, we dig deep into the supply chain. Covering topics such as; SECRCOP 26, and Green Washing. Listen as we uncover the major barriers facing companies looking to go Net Zero and how companies like Westcoast are overcoming them.  

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