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Post Covid Spending

How companies can keep up with the ultimate online customer experience 

6th October | 14:00 – 15:00

Creating a quality customer experience is what we all strive for. It can be the driving force behind many sales KPIs, brand loyalty, and digital success. However, getting your customer experience right isn’t always black and white. Essentially, it’s a continuously evolving area and the companies who master it are always a step ahead of the trends. 

Pimberly surveyed over 100 consumers on their perfect online dream for direct insight into the buyer journey. In this webinar, we were joined by eCommerce experts across the industry to unpick our findings, share our experience and outline how companies can master this vital part of their digital strategy.  

In just one hour, expect to understand more on: 

  • Stages of the buyer journey and the key strategies to convert browsers to buyers  
  • The power of social and the content consumers want to see 
  • Modern buyer profiles and how to adapt accordingly 
  • Post-covid consumer trends and how to get ahead 

Access the recording now to ensure your customer experience is as strong as your brand deserves. 

Access the recording here:

Rick Boyce

Rick Boyce

Club Exec

AND Digital

Deri Jones

Deri Jones



Craig McCalley

Craig McCalley 

Managing Director


Luigi Moccia

Luigi Moccia

Founder & CEO


What is AND Digital?

AND Digital accelerates the development of world-class digital capabilities, and we power the product development of ambitious companies. We work with our clients’ people to build impactful products AND high performing teams. We do that by blending technical craft and product expertise with an award-winning approach to talent growth and development.

What is ThinkTribe?

ThinkTribe help ensure customer User Journeys are fast and error-free at all times through delivering fully managed, realistic load testing and performance monitoring services.

What is Pimberly?

Pimberly is a powerful cloud-based PIM (Product Information Management) platform that synchronizes all aspects of product data & digital asset management processes. The platform increases speed to market, facilitates product launches and overseas expansion.

What is Calashock?

Calashock is a global e-commerce agency with over ten years of experience and operations across Europe and North America. We specialise in BigCommerce and provide SME and mid-market brands with the right e-commerce solution.