Creating the Perfect Product Detail Page

We’ve created a go-to guide for creating the perfect product detail page. Access the whitepaper to gain a deep understanding of how to convert browsers to buyers, including:

  • How to optimize your product data and digital assets to make sure the right customers find your products at the right time
  • Creating a seamless experience, from discovery to post-purchase, so your customers feel confident every step of the way
  • Some key considerations of the product content you can use to boost conversions and keep customers coming back

Your product detail page is the eCommerce equivalent of your shop window. It’s a key page on your site as it leads directly to a transaction (if you get it right!) Overall, you need to strike a balance between giving customers everything they need to make informed buying decisions and optimizing for SEO.

~15 min read (circa 4000 words)

Access the Creating the Perfect Product Detail Page whitepaper now:

Drive product discovery & demand

Sharpen your competitive edge

Increase conversion rates

Boost customer loyalty

Increase your online sales

What sort of information do customers want to see before buying?

Customers need to get the same information they would from your product page as they would in-store. The look, feel, and quality should all be clear as soon as your customers land on your product pages, and quality product data will be key in making sure that’s the case.

Why is PIM essential when creating winning product pages?

Product pages need to instill confidence in your customers to ensure they convert from browser to buyer. High-quality digital assets, coupled with totally clear and accurate product data can be easily achieved when you’ve got complete control and visibility over your product information.

Using PIM to craft amazing online experiences

Take online experiences to the next level and delight your customers with engaging product content. Whether your customers are browsing your online store, or perusing your products on marketplaces, you can create consistency across all channels with PIM.

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This whitepaper gives a comprehensive list of the product detail page elements you need to nail to generate real results. From a technical perspective, we discuss everything from keyword strategy, Google snippets, and penalty reduction to site structure and mobile optimization.

You’ll then gain insights into the things customers want to see before making a purchase, which will also contribute towards boosting the performance of product detail pages. This includes things like good quality product information and digital assets, positive customer reviews, and FAQs. And of course, we outline how you can champion collaboration across departments to turn this into a reality with PIM.

Access the Creating the Perfect Product Detail Page whitepaper now: