Pimberly Success Story: Aldridge Security

“Before implementing Pimberly the proofing of products was a protracted process — we needed to stop new products being some of our best-kept secrets and get them to market as fast as possible, otherwise they are just tying up shelf space and cash flow. Pimberly has helped us manage and enrich product information from over 290 brands and increased our speed to market by 30%.“

eCommerce Manager, Aldridge Security 

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Locking in a future of eCommerce Success  

Family-run Aldridge is the largest security wholesaler in UK & Ireland. Founded in 1951, it attributes its successes to its independent customers and its honorable refusal to supply superstores. Aldridge is the largest distributor of top security brands across the UK and Ireland. It’s also amongst the largest global distributors selling selected brands such as Evva and Silca.

Alarming improvement on productivity  

Managing over 290 brands is no easy task, the huge array of data types required for such a diverse range of products rely on people and not processes. The inconsistency in the data from Product Managers and delays whilst awaiting product information caused the eCommerce team at Aldridge a headache. Manually sorting and choosing the best descriptions and imagery for each sales channel was slowing time to market by 30%.

With Pimberly, Aldridge has more control of how it manages products up and downstream. Thanks to the rich automation functionality within Pimberly, they can set up workflows to normalize and standardize the data across all brands.  

Once the product data has been further enriched it’s then ready to export to the Aldridge website and their customers via the Pimberly channels. Before Pimberly, the teams at Aldridge would have to produce multiple spreadsheets to supply their website with the required information.

Now, with Pimberly, Aldridge just sets up channels for each requirement and they automatically run, removing the requirement for any manual processing; this includes both data files to SFTP locations and APIs for time-sensitive information such as up to date stock figures. This all significantly reduces the labor required to populate their industry-leading website, they also produce customized product data for their customers allowing them to add thousands of products to their websites in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, this means customers have access to all new products as soon as they are added to the Aldridge site and gives them total confidence in the quality and accuracy of the product data.

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Thanks to Pimberly, I now have total trust in my product data however its real strength lies in how it exports product information to various channels – be that web, catalogue or direct to customers – it’s just so easy.

Bryn Thomas, IT Coordinator

Bolting past all expectations 

Product page on Aldridge Security

When Aldridge first deployed Pimberly in 2017, the original scope was a simple integration from its ERP to Pimberly through to the web platform. The team knew if it could manage the flow of data through these checkpoints then speed to market would massively improve.

As Aldridge got more familiar with the product, it found the feature set was so rich that the original scope evolved and evolved. Utilizing these features means the product data is always totally accurate. As a result, Aldridge is now confident that all the data populating its sales channels are fully enriched and expediently proofed by a team of product specialists before being released.

Pimberly has given the company a stable foundation to simplify the tech stack, all whilst modernizing and future-proofing their solutions.

It has taken over a decade to build up our product imagery and details and this is now one of our most valuable company assets. As such, we needed to ensure that as the data continues to grow it remains safe, stable, and the data integrity remains consistent. Just having the data isn’t enough though, we needed a central repository to effectively maintain, interrogate and distribute it.


Everyone at Pimberly is great to deal with – friendly, and always looking to help. The Pimberly Support Team are total legends, they’re knowledgeable and extremely responsive – sometimes they’ll get in touch to tell me that they’ve fixed something before I even know that there was a problem.

eCommerce Manager, Aldridge

Safe to say the future is looking bright for Aldridge 

Aldridge is looking to improve the way customers shop on-site. They want the overall experience for users to be smooth and easy and ultimately sell more – Pimberly will be at the forefront of this mission allowing them to get product listings right the first time!  


In the next year, they will be rolling out Pimberly to more users. Being used as the centralized system for the product and marketing team to look for the latest product information. 

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