Create a Robust Product Bank with PIM AI

If your business strategy includes selling inventory sourced from online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay, you need enriched product information to remain competitive. Consumers rely on product information to make their purchasing decisions. As a result, if you want to include products from these sources, chances are that a version of enriched product information already exists. That’s why your PIM should have access to this robust product data bank.

With the right PIM, AI (artificial intelligence) searches the product data to find the exact product information you need using unique identifiers such as UPC or ASIN codes.

The information is then ready to use across your selling and marketing channels. Also, once added to your PIM, the PIM keeps track of content from these sources and makes updates automatically. As a result, a PIM enables you to streamline your information management process by adapting data for use in your omnichannel environment.

1. Managing spec and sell sheets

Managing spec and sell sheets is often a tedious job. If your product managers are still manually updating products, they waste time and increase the risk of errors. Also, finding the most recent version could be difficult as product managers tend to keep these versions on their own desks or laptops. If the manager is off sick, on vacation, or quits, your team is left trying to figure to locate the data they need.

However, when you use a PIM to access robust data already available at Amazon, Shopify, and eBay, you collect enriched information ready for your system. You can automatically populate your spec and sell sheet templates and your pricing. So, you are selling new products with minimum effort. Your product managers no longer worry about completing the sheets; the information is stored in a central location.

Automated spec and sell sheets reduce your time-to-market. As a result, you can quickly introduce new products to maintain a competitive edge. Your team also gains efficiencies when its product data sheets are updated without dealing with manual spreadsheets. The information collected using your PIM is the most up-to-date and relevant product data available, enabling you to build your inventory from existing robust data banks available online. In addition, your PIM absorbs the information, enabling your team to access it when they need it.

2. Using AI to populate a product data bank

AI is the genius tech that enables you to pull product information from Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Once pulled, you can use that information to populate your spec and sell sheets and write product descriptions and marketing copy. AI enables your brand to access over one billion products from these essential marketplaces combined. The search capabilities for Amazon are so simple that you can type*ASIN HERE* into your browser to pull up a specific Amazon product automatically. However, your AI-powered PIM takes it one step further, enabling you to search all three marketplaces and automatically bring them into your own database.

Pimberly’s product lookup tool enables you to access the massive data bank to collect whatever product information you need. Our AI browses the bank for you, so the information is ready to use however you desire. Instead of wasting time creating your own content, you leverage existing information providing the stepping stones to set yourself up on other marketplaces quickly. The more expansive your inventory, the more essential this tool becomes.


3. Remain reliable and compliant with automation

Sophisticated PIMs are designed to avoid human error with the help of AI. As a result, you can ensure your data bank is up-to-date, compliant, and reliable for both consumers and your brand. Your database is compiled of marketplace-appropriate product descriptions with the required attributes. In essence, you maintain the same level of enriched content even if changes occur to products, as the change is reflected in your Pimberly content as well. You don’t even have to think about changes once the data is added to your PIM.

You gain the confidence that your data is being updated and that you have the right content in the first place. Pimberly uses AI to find the correct product data based on any unique identifier, including your UPC or ASIN. As a result, you have the exact information you need to see the exact results you desire.

By accessing a robust data bank of products, Pimberly empowers you to expand your omnichannel presence with ready-to-use, consumer-friendly, and marketplace-compliant product descriptions and sell sheets.