Why Your PIM/DAM Should Be All-In-One Integrated

All-in-one integrated PIM/DAM solutions make it easy to create enriched product descriptions. They store all your product information in one place, including structured data for producing descriptions and unstructured digital assets. When your PIM is all-in-one integrated, you never need to choose between structured and unstructured data. Instead, you always have what you need to create exceptional product descriptions to assist your customers along their buyer’s journey. Here’s why your PIM/DAM should be all-in-one integrated.

1. What do we mean by ‘all-in-one’ integrated?

All in one integrated means all your product information is stored together in a centralized hub. With the right PIM – DAM, your structured and unstructured data is available through one platform, instead of needing a PIM for text and a DAM for your images, video, and 3D vector images.

However, integrated PIM – DAMs like Pimberly don’t want users to have to use two platforms to manage their digital assets and product data. Therefore, we made a decision to create a hybrid PIM – DAM right from the start as an all in one integrated solution.

2. What are the benefits of being ‘all-in-one’ integrated?

Having structured and unstructured data in a centralized hub enables you to share product information easily. As a result, there is less time spent searching for text and digital assets. A logical PIM – DAM combination stores all product information together, enabling your entire company to collaborate easily, creating seamless steps that speed up your time to market. You gain an edge in today’s highly competitive market places by condensing all your product information to get new and existing updated products to market quickly.

You also no longer deal with manual spreadsheet updates. Instead, everything is automated, including uploading product information to new market places. As a result, your brand will have a ‘golden record’ of your product information as a single source of truth across the entire company and across all channels and market places. Your all in one integrated PIM – DAM empowers your team to:

Eliminate spreadsheets

No longer the go to tool for managing data, spreadsheets fail to meet the needs of today’s growing eCommerce landscape. There’s just too much data with thousands of SKUs and specific product description formats required at each market place. Instead, using a PIM/DAM combination collects raw data ready to edit and manage in bulk as your single source of truth.

Assign attributes

Integrated PIM/DAMs assign attributes such as size or color to create a logical order for your products. As a result, customers find what they need easily thanks to filters that refine details to facilitate product searches. In addition, your integrated PIM/DAM provides attribute consistency across all channels using the correct format for each.

Save time and effort

Automated product information management frees your team from the types of tasks that cause errors and mess with their day-to-day. Products are brought on quickly, so you can expand to more market places and add more SKUs. Your team can focus on strategy with up to 80% of their manual product data management processes automated. Validations ensure accuracy and eliminate duplicate work.

Improve collaboration

Multiple teams can collaborate and access product data as required. As a result, you improve customer experiences and become more scalable to reach more sales channels in more areas with a more robust inventory of SKUs and product offerings.

Collaboration also extends to outside sources, including suppliers and vendors, so you have complete control over how product data comes and goes from your business.

Prevent inconsistency and errors

Your all in one integrated PIM prevents errors. It uses preset rules to trigger alerts to let team members know when info is missing. As a result, you meet the high bar you have set, and all information is checked based on product standards. Only approved, brand acceptable information ever reaches your customer touch points, reducing buyer remorse and returns.

3. Why Pimberly is an ‘all-in-one’ integrated platform

Your PIM is intended to provide a hub for everything product related. It should eliminate sheets and offer seamless alignment with your DAM. This is the only way to ensure everyone who needs input to your product data can find up to date, reliable data based on the specifics of the format they need. Pimberly was started as a hybrid PIM – DAM.

Unlike many PIMs, we didn’t pivot from being just one. We understood right from the start that our users need equal access to all kinds of data when selling products.

Our goal was to become the most technically adept PIM on the market as an all in one integrated PIM – DAM solution.

Although many PIMs focus on ease of use, we created a data focused PIM that ensured ease of use. We do everything we can to automate your processes as much as possible for your product information management to grow your business.