Automated InDesign Catalogs

Pimberly’s Catalog Module is used by world’s leading distributors/retailers/manufacturers to showcase their products as both digital and print catalogs. The module is able to build automated InDesign catalogs – saving these brands a great deal of time, effort, and money.

Here, you’ll find an in-depth video walkthrough led by Steve Hughes, our catalog automation expert, of the Catalog Module within the Pimberly platform. The module is designed to optimize how you manage and present your product information. Pimberly has its own in-house API interface with Adobe InDesign and is the #1 tool used by digital departments to create amazing product experiences.

Our detailed overview covers the module’s functionalities, focusing on the creation of  a sample spread in Adobe InDesign and the seamless management of your data in – both parent and child – within a Pimberly instance. See the convenience of organizing data in groups for yourself and how automated InDesign catalogs streamline your processes for optimal efficiency.

Dive deeper into the module as we guide you through:

  • The construction of automated InDesign catalog pages
  • A glimpse into the intuitive UI that simplifies your workflow
  • The production stages that trigger specific behaviors, enhancing the dynamic nature of your catalog creation
  • Cloning finished spreads to showcase the module’s versatility in generating variants (i.e. price versions) effortlessly

It’s a bit of an extended video, so we really want to stress this video is most pertinent if you’re an enterprise company with an in-house design department producing hundreds of pages of catalog at a time. If this is the case, you’ll be sure to walk away with great insight on what is possible with automated InDesgin catalogs.

~40 minute watch

Access the video now:

Automated channel setup

The platform facilitates the effortless transmission of content from Pimberly through our sophisticated API directly to your catalog.

Integration capabilities

The cornerstone of our architecture, which enables automated InDesign catalogs, as well as features like an AWS box for an eCommerce site.

Unparalleled design and layout options

With access to InDesign, automation allows you to explore endless possibilities when it comes to your product catalog.

Global brands using Pimberly to drive growth

This video is the go-to guide for automating InDesign catalogs. It provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the steps you can take to easily create or modify product catalogs. From a high level, we discuss everything from API connections with InDesign to the catalog cloning process for updates/new products.

You’ll then gain insights into the things customers want to see in a catalog before making a purchase. This includes things like high-quality product information and digital assets. And, of course, we outline how you can greatly increase ROI with easy catalog creation and quicker time-to-market.

Access the video now: