How PIM Drives eCommerce Agility in Times of Change

Market conditions and customer habits are always changing. So its important to have eCommerce agility across all channels. The more agile you are as a business, the faster you’ll be able to adapt to customer demands. 

Being agile with product data allows you to stay ahead of the competition and maximize sales at every touchpoint. 

In this video, we’ll show you the benefits of using PIM for business agility. 

  • React to seasonal changes with informative and accurate product data 
  • Proactively respond to the latest trends by providing tailored product copy and dynamic campaigns 
  • Create relevant offerings and put products into the hands of consumers faster than competitors 

How Pimberly drives eCommerce agility

Agility within business is achieved effortlessly with Pimberly’s powerful features. You have the ability to create new product categories and respond to changing market conditions. Or use bulk updates to generate unique product copy and link to specific trends. You can also increase sales by identifying the right channels to distribute old stock through.


Being able to respond quickly is vital in an industry that can change moment to moment. It allows you to capitalize on new market trends or seasonal changes.

Pimberly enables you to proactively create new product categories. All you need to do is define your new structure. This is perfect for responding to national events or unique situations. For example, if a heat wave is announced over the weekend, you can quickly push a weekend special on all of your gate furniture, tailoring your products to customer demand.

Pimberly also lets you apply bulk updates to your product data, whether you are amending an error in your copy or tweaking your copy for search engine optimization, you can quickly add keywords and tailor your market copy to link with specific trends. Use Pimberly’s powerful search to specify the products you want to update, apply the change and push them direct to the web.

Being able to respond quickly to changing consumer demands, always ensures that you’re up to date.

Next Steps

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