How PIM Helps Businesses Rapidly Adapt To Change

Market conditions and customer habits are always changing. You need to be able to react to internal and external changes across all channels. The more agile you are as a business, the faster you’ll be able to adapt to customer demands. 

Being agile with product data allows you to stay ahead of the competition and maximise sales at every touchpoint. 

In this video, we’ll show you the benefits of using PIM for business agility. 

  • React to seasonal changes with informative and accurate product data 
  • Proactively respond to the latest trends by providing tailored product copy and dynamic campaigns 
  • Create relevant offerings and put products into the hands of consumers faster than competitors 

Make product data more agile with Pimberly 

Agility within business is achieved effortlessly with Pimberly’s powerful features. You have the ability to create new product categories and respond to changing market conditions. Or use bulk updates to generate unique product copy and link to specific trends. You can also increase sales by identifying the right channels to distribute old stock through.

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