Setting Up a Channel with REST API

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In today’s demo, we’ll show you one of the key features to Pimberly and it’s the ability to pull data out of Pimberly using the rest API. As Pimberly sits in Amazon, web services sits in the cloud and any customer, any reseller, any target website or any other system that needs to pull data directly to Pimberly can do so using the rest API without coming onto that were without requiring CPM access and so on and so forth. And we’ll show you how you do that today. So hey, I’m gonna create a new channel for the purpose of a new website. So we’ll create a custom channel, give it a name. Web channel, we’re gonna set a data connector is used in the rest. API will generate a token and this token will be used by any target system or customer to securely connect with Pimberly for the purpose of pulling out the data.

I’m gonna make this very simple. So we’ll just pull out the product ID. We’ll pull out product name, product description. And let’s say the brand. You can have much more information to this, but we’ll keep it simple for the demo. So we’ll save that and I need to quickly release a product to this channel. So let’s use this laptop. We will release this product, send it to the web channel. Okay. And that product should now be available to pull over from the channel. So I use an application called post man. We will update this token so that it the correct channel. We’re making http request to Pimberly using the product method. You can see we pull back the ID, the product name, the product description, so internal information about the product. And just so that you can see this is a proper p request if we take this and drop it into a web browser. And put it in Again, we’ve connected to Pimberly and we’ve pulled back the information that was available on that channel and any other target system can use the same method for your data. Thanks.

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