How PIM Helps Improve AOV

Offering products that complement a consumer’s original purchase is an effective way of increasing Average Order Value (AOV). AOV tracks the average amount spent each time a customer places an order in an eCommerce store. 

In this video, we’ll show you the benefits of using PIM for AOV:

  • Create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to achieve higher AOV
  • Share the most relevant products with consumers at the right time 
  • Improve the structure of products and make an online store easier to navigate for buyers

Create an effective AOV strategy with Pimberly 

Pimberly’s dynamic features are ideal for improving AOV. Quickly import products into the system and tailor them for up-selling and cross-selling purposes. You also have the ability to create product bundles of similar items and offer them to different channels. In addition, develop rich product descriptions and increase consumer engagement on an eCommerce store.

Next Steps

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