How PIM Will Help You Become More Efficient With Product Data

Storing and uploading product data manually is time-consuming. There’s also the chance of losing valuable information through human error. If the management of your product data is slow, you’ll miss out on key sales opportunities. 

In this video, we’ll show you the benefits of PIM in helping to improve productivity:

  • Remove slow manual processes and increase the efficiency of how you manage product data
  • Respond rapidly to changing market trends and increase product sales across all channels
  • Speed up tasks and get your products out to market faster than the competition 

Improve productivity with Pimberly

Whether you’re looking to complete a specific task quickly or improve internal communication, our features are designed to help. Use bulk updates to enhance and manage products efficiently and create automated workflows to notify the right team members about specific tasks. By storing all your data in one location, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you can access it instantly.


Pimberly provides a central repository for product data – rather than managing data across spreadsheets and other systems. Easy bulk updates make improving and maintaining product data quick and easy. Workflows take just minutes to set up with the intuitive drag and drop interface.

Everything is totally customizable. There’s really no limit to what you can automate within Pimberly eliminating unnecessary manual process wherever possible. It’s this automation that makes your product information work for you, unlocking the power of information that’s already in your business to create value.

The combination of Product Information Management tools with intuitive and powerful workflows, the automation speeds, up tasks and projects that would previously have been spread across platforms, programs and teams.

Next Steps

Like what you see? Book a free personalised demo to find out what Pimberly can help you achieve.

Head to the video library to find more videos showing the features and benefits of Pimberly.

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