Expand Your Product Range With PIM

Having a limited product range prevents ongoing business growth. But when you have the opportunity to expand your inventory, you’re able to increase revenue. A more diverse product range gives consumers a reason to keep coming back to a store.

In this video, we’ll show you the benefits of using a PIM system to expand your product range:

  • Easily manage a vast product inventory and ensure new products are enriched quickly
  • Import product data from various sources and continually build your stock in a single location
  • Diversify your products by offering cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Develop a more versatile product inventory with Pimberly 

Increasing your product range is easy with Pimberly’s features. Onboard new products quickly and use the lifecycle feature to monitor the stages of specific items. Then, you’ll be able to push the new inventory to sales channels. In addition, flexible product attributes can be set up across product ranges, allowing you to diversify.

Next Steps

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