Pimberly Success Story: Kier

The Pimberly system has given us trust in our data. All the product information and images transfer with ease into the PIM, so we have one global view of our products. The data enrichment is straightforward, and we can push products to our www.tradedirect.uk.com website knowing the data is correct and complete.

Digital Asset Manager, Kier 

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Kier build their way to eCommerce success   

Kier Group is a leading property, residential, construction, and services group. It invests in, builds, maintains, and renews the places where we work, live, and play. Founded in 1928, it employs over 21,000 people across its operations in the UK, the Middle East, Australia, and Hong Kong. It operates across a range of sectors including defence, education, housing, industrials, power, transport, and utilities.  

Saving money by standardizing the purchasing process 

Before implementing Pimberly, the construction site manager would have to go onsite to determine the tools and materials needed for the oncoming project. It would then be a case of going to the local hardware shop to get the supplies. This was in no way a good use of the site manager’s time. More importantly, they were missing out on trade deals as they couldn’t buy on scale.  

Pimberly has enabled Kier to build an online buying portal where site managers can order everything they need before arriving on site. This centralized system means Kier can source their tools directly from the suppliers. Consequently, it is no longer missing out on trade deals saving them time and money.  

Kier launched 40,000 products online within 6. weeks. This engine that sits behind their B2B portal makes it possible to surface enriched product data for all these products. This ultimately means site managers have more choice than ever before so their teams can build more efficiently.  

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The Pimberly PIM system saves us time and improves the quality of product data. This enables us to control consistency, reduce errors, and redundancies by relying on a single source of truth. It also enables us to easily extract and analyse data.   

Andrea Mattioni, Digital Asset Manager

Keeping their cool with control and visibility of product information   

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Pimberly’s PIM software gives Kier full visibility of what type of tools the site managers are using. 

This audit trail means Kier has full confidence that the right tools are being used to get the job done. It prides itself on working to the highest possible standards, so this was key in ensuring that was always the case. 

Kier has been able to gain control over its eCommerce strategy with the wide range of features that Pimberly has. In particular, the bulk upload feature has enabled the team to create and manage thousands of products in one go. This efficient way of working saves the data team up to 5 hours every week.  

Pimberly has eliminated the need for manual data entry and updating with its bulk uploading feature. This has allowed us to reduced overheads and wasted resources.   

Digital Asset Manager, Kier

Kier have laid the foundations to set them up for a successful future

With their B2B portal set up, they have their sights set on a B2C platform. This increase in sales channels will enable it to increase its product reach. 

Streamlined product information management means it now has the foundations for a successful future in digital commerce.   

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