Top 10 Best Chatbots for eCommerce

eCommerce companies are realizing the value of conversational marketing and the necessity of having eCommerce chatbots on their website. A brand may use eCommerce chatbots to initiate automated discussions on product recommendations, one-on-one shopping, and customer support. Here, we will look at not just the best online chatbots, but the best chatbots for eCommerce.

Keeping up with customer care for eCommerce may take a lot of effort, particularly when many consumers contact you with the same question. Invest in a chatbot to handle frequently asked questions so you can use more time to expand your business and focus on overall growth.

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The most crucial features to search for in a chatbot are support for omnichannel messaging, user-friendliness, and practical answer contextualization. Chatbots are essentially computer programs that interact with people online by giving advice, making product recommendations, and responding to queries. Simple question-answering and round-the-clock automated customer care are two advantages of this human-assisted customer service technology.

There are many things to keep track of and manage while managing an online business. Giving customers a poor experience is something other than what you want to happen in a firm when customer service is essential to success. Thus, You may wonder if an eCommerce chatbot can assist you in this area.

What they provide

These solutions offer a potent way to automate and streamline customer service. They may assist you in immediately attending to and answering customers’ questions and customizing and adjusting the purchasing experience. To better understand the need for chatbots in businesses, here are the primary commercial advantages of chatbots for e-commerce businesses:

  • Often, a discrete chatbot widget holds greater power than you may imagine. It may automatically gather contact details for your next retargeting ads and provide qualifying questions to your website visitors.
  • eCommerce bots help customers purchase online by offering pertinent information and supporting them during checkout. This assistance expedites the client’s journey and eliminates any potential uncertainties.
  • The correct items may be suggested to the right clients at the right moment using modern eCommerce chatbots.
  • Conversational commerce is becoming increasingly prevalent on social media platforms where small company owners such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp engage with their clientele. Fortunately, most social media networks and well-known eCommerce platforms easily integrate with contemporary eCommerce chatbots.
  • Chatbots automatically respond to hundreds or even thousands of repeated queries. Furthermore, while offline, you may still assist even after business hours. Additionally, this may encourage client loyalty and significantly increase consumer retention.
  • By incorporating bots into your tech stack and website, you may produce an advertisement that takes potential customers straight to your Messenger bot, engaging them with the appropriate offer rather than sending them to your website.

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Best chatbots for a website

First, let’s take a look at some of the best chatbots 2024. Listed below are some of the best chatbots to talk to for websites that eCommerce entrepreneurs can use for an enhanced customer experience:

With’s drag-and-drop chatbot builder, creating chatbots is simple. You don’t require any specialized technical knowledge or the ability to code. It even includes pre-built templates to help you quickly get your AI ChatBot up and running. These templates cover a wide variety of scenarios, such as product sales, customer support, hiring, reservations, and more.


One of the best chatbots is Tidio. Tidio enables you to communicate with your customers through Facebook Messenger, internet and mobile-friendly chatbots, and more. It includes a simple dashboard & a mobile app to respond to any questions from users whenever and wherever they are. Additionally, you may utilize automation as much as you wish to create conversion-oriented funnels and respond to customer inquiries.


HubSpot is one of the best customer service chatbots. An intelligent chatbot creator and live chat are only two of HubSpot’s many marketing tools and CRM features. Because the live conversation design is fully configurable, you may match the colors and branding of your website. Without knowing any coding, you may also easily construct automated workflows and chatbot replies. Additionally, the chat interfaces with HubSpot’s robust CRM functionalities, enabling you to pursue every lead.



You can create chatbots for Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and mobile devices online with Freshchat. Their artificial intelligence algorithm, Freddy, powers it. Instead of only saving up your live chat workers’ time, a chatbot works to identify intent and interact with the consumer. Freshchat may even send you a list of client and prospect queries requiring more thorough or accurate responses using their machine learning technology.


Like many technologies on this list, Drift allows you to mix live chat with an automated chatbot. It also has integrations with email marketing services and the most widely used CRMs. With the help of Drift, you can initiate proactive dialogues with website visitors who are already interested in your offerings. It lets you construct scenarios that increase sales and is optimized to utilize conversations for conversions.

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ManyChat is a chatbot used for Facebook Messenger as Facebook Messenger gives you more reach and more effective remarketing possibilities on the Facebook platform because over 1.3 billion people use it. Put another way, using Facebook Messenger helps generate leads, reduce cart abandonment, and make purchases. Its straightforward drag-and-drop interface makes setting up a chatbot for your Facebook profile simple.


MobileMonkey’sOmniChatTM technology enables you to build chatbots for eCommerce. These bots function via SMS text messaging, Messenger, and online chat. By doing this, you may create many bots using various tools and save time and money. One bot may be made and used on several different platforms. It’s simple for your customer support staff to reply to messages. With the desktop and mobile apps from MobileMonkey, you can effortlessly monitor and reply to messages from several channels from a single inbox.

Best chatbots software: How to choose

Let’s continue our journey into the best customer service chatbots. Among the most remarkable technological demonstrations to launch in the past ten years is ChatGPT. Fundamental AI technology can transform customer service chatbots despite their limitations. Your bot should be nearly as good as a human at answering consumers’ questions if it can comprehend what they’re asking and knows your support documentation inside and out. Such software allows you to learn even more from both current and prospective customers and tailor your business offerings accordingly.

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With chatbot builders, you can personalize the way your bot operates. For example, you may specify when it should send you to a different channel or how it should respond to specific queries based on keywords. While some chatbot designers are rather basic, others can handle more intricate flows and dialogues. However, the top chatbot developers should fulfill the basic requirements:

System Integration

Engineers design the best chatbots to talk to in order to make repetitive queries and chores less annoying. This decision implies that they must have access to the tools that you use daily. Is a client inquiring about the status of their order? Then, using Shopify, your chatbot should be able to verify the status of their order.

It needs to be able to notify your team on Slack if it cannot respond to their query. Every bot builder must interface with as many well-known apps and services as possible, either directly or acting as a bridge with an app like Zapier, to be included on this list.

User Experience

Given an API and some PHP, a seasoned developer can create their chatbot, but building one should be fine for you to understand the difference between GETs and POSTs. All of the conventional tools include some templates to get you started and a drag-and-drop interface that makes managing your chatbots’ logic and reaction trees simple.

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While there is still a learning curve, anyone with a modest amount of computer literacy can still watch a few training videos, review a how-to document, and create what is a brand’s best chatbot for customer service. Restricting any coding needs only to add APIs or copy and paste excerpts into HTML headers is essential.


The amount of money you could spend on chatbots is almost infinite. If you choose an enterprise option and hire a developer, you could pay up to $250,000 annually. That’s little more than most small and medium-sized enterprises can afford. Even if various businesses have varying definitions of inexpensive, choose the less expensive app out of two that provide comparable services. After weighing alternatives, most small businesses will need to invest a lot of money to begin utilizing chatbots.

Multi-Channel Working

Multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages, WhatsApp, email, and a real-time help box on your website, can be used to receive support inquiries. While not every app needs to support every channel, it needs to have enough alternatives so you have the ability to easily direct users to your website or another well-known chat service.

Best chatbots online

‘What are the best chatbots?’

To continue our look at the best chatbots 2024, we hone in on some of the online offerings. Here are some of the best chatbots available online that can significantly help you improve your services:


HubSpot’s latest conversational CRM bot is called ChatSpot. To support the expansion of your company, it combines the features of ChatGPT with unique data sources. You may utilize one of ChatSpot’s numerous prompt templates or enter your questions to discover answers for prospecting, SEO, content authoring, and other issues. Even while ChatSpot is free for everyone, using it with HubSpot allows you to utilize its potential fully. You may use it to automate processes like task and contact storing. It can also help you navigate the HubSpot app and advise on making the most of its features.

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Bing Chat

One of the best website chatbots is Bing Chat. Microsoft refers to Bing Chat as an AI-powered search engine assistant. Providing you with a single, comprehensive response broadens the scope of your search by aggregating the most relevant search results for your query. It also lists the sources from which it obtains its data. You may also ask Bing to make an image of whatever you like using their image creation tool. You can provide information like adjectives, places, or artistic styles for your desired precise image.


Google’s Bard is an AI chatbot with several uses that can produce text and voice answers in more than 40 languages, code, draw graphics, solve arithmetic problems, and more. Bard’s proficiency with text is one of its advantages. Brands may use it to write and modify documents, including cover letters, resumes, and emails. Because Google made it, it also has been exported to other Google applications, such as Gmail and Google Docs, and a “Google it” button to help you discover more about a particular issue.


Perplexity is an AI chatbot, a conversational search engine powered by GPT-3.5. Gathering data from the internet and offering connections to its sources is intended to provide consumers with straightforward answers to their queries. Perplexity is quite simple to use and doesn’t require any setup. To use the mobile app or website, click the blue button to put your question into the search field. Perplexity will then provide a response and a brief selection of relevant reading recommendations.

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Kommunicate is a human-chatbot hybrid platform that helps companies provide better customer service and engagement. The platform assists companies in creating chatbots and handling client communications via email, messenger applications, and websites. Somebody may train your Kommunicate chatbot for different purposes, but when it cannot answer a question, it will immediately forward the discussion to a customer support representative.

Intercom Fin

Fin is a conversational AI technology from Intercom that helps companies automate chats and offer consumers individualized experiences at scale. Based on ChatGPT, Fin enables businesses to use Intercom’s tools and APIs to create unique AI chatbots. It responds to consumer inquiries utilizing your business’s knowledge base and offers connections to the referenced articles.

Best chatbots for small business

Now that you are fully aware of chatbots’ advantages and applications, let’s go over some of the best website chatbots for small businesses that brands can use to rapidly and effectively create the best eCommerce chatbots:


ManyChat is a potent chatbot solution that lets you keep in touch with clients through every channel and automate business discussions. You may design conversational encounters to turn website users into devoted patrons.

You can quickly collect leads and make money for your business with chatbots. It is compatible with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more and offers more than 25 designs. You may also send emails and SMS with special offers and discounts. In terms of chatbots, let’s enumerate the platforms that facilitate the rapid and effective creation of the greatest chatbots.

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Flow XO

One of the most significant messaging chatbot systems is Flow XO, which enables you to build bots that can interact with clients over various channels. You may greet guests and make a lasting impression using this tool.

You may also provide prompt assistance and rapid answers to consumer questions. In addition, you may use this platform to create chatbots that can take payments, simplifying customer interactions. When needed, your chatbots may transfer the discussion to a person.


Botsify enables chatbots to provide omnichannel service and integrate with various technologies. You may give multilingual help in more than 190 languages with this tool. It is possible to create bots that efficiently reduce your support expenses.

You may create a chatbot using Botsify for several platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. You may choose which messages to target for the various sites where your clients engage with your items. Because of their integrated conversational AI, the bots can increase website user engagement.


You may build virtual assistants using ActiveChat to interact with your clients and also respond to their questions. With a clever visual chatbot-builder, you can quickly create conversational bots.

You can provide more individualized experiences and increase client satisfaction with the aid of this chatbot. Chatbots that can determine a customer’s purpose and follow their emotions during a discussion are available with ActiveChat.


One of the most adaptable chatbot systems is Pandorabots, which lets you create bots for almost any industrial application. This versatility makes it one of the more advanced chatbot builders on this list, although it does require some coding skills. If you want more freedom, you may choose Pandorabots’ premium subscription after starting with its free plan. Additionally, navigating the UI may be relatively simple if you are a seasoned user. On this platform, customers have created over 300k bots with success.

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Bottom Line

Utilizing ChatBots is essential for e-commerce sites to enhance customer reach and audience satisfaction. Those mentioned above are some of the best ChatBots for E-commerce that you can use to scale your venture. Additionally, if you require management tools and systems to help make your website more efficient, contact us at Pimberly for the best software range around you.