Customer Transparency is More Important Than Ever

Today’s customers are all about research, and less about impulse buys, thanks to access to online reviews, product videos, social media, and enriched product descriptions. They have their choice of preferred shopping experiences, whether they favor brick-and-mortar shops, marketplaces like Amazon and Spotify, or unique online boutique brands. For all these shopping experiences, customers use information as a powerful tool that reduces their risk of bad purchases. Transparency with the customer is more important than ever in the digital age.

Emerging technologies allow customers to engage with products on an immersive level, making it more important than ever to keep up with the quality of your product data and digital assets. Here, we cover why the current market is all about transparency and honesty.

1. What do we mean by transparency?

That’s a good question. Online shopping can lead to returns and bad reviews if you don’t ensure your product descriptions are accurate. Simply put, transparency ensures “What you see is what you get.” Customers should always feel confident in their purchases, knowing for certain that the products they view on your site are EXACTLY what they will receive upon purchase. If your product descriptions don’t reflect the product accurately, returns and bad reviews are sure to follow.

2. Key areas to maintain consistency

So, where do you need to ensure your product descriptions are transparent? Key areas include the “what’s” of your product, such as:

  • Sizing
  • Color
  • Fit
  • Materials

These details must be consistent across your selling channels to avoid inaccurate information and confusion. But you also want to optimize your product descriptions, not just with keywords to help customers find you, but also with the information customers most likely need. Completely transparent product descriptions answer the common questions that move customers along their customer journey.

What separates your products from the competition? Where and when would your customer find the best use for your product? What problems does your product solve? When applicable, you also want to explain how it works for items such as tools or even fashion products such as scarves. Your product information should make your customer’s choices easier.

3. New technologies present new opportunities

Enjoyable shopping experiences are effortless. New technologies present new opportunities to boost your customer experience. They also make your life easier. New technologies that help deliver transparency include:


If you sell apparel online, size and perfect fit always matter. WAIR is a “virtual fitting room” sizing solution that enables customers to make confident purchases. This personalized, accurate virtual fitting experience sets you apart from the competition, using the world’s largest database of human body scans. Algorithms in hand with customer reviews and feedback create product size specs for best-in-class size recommendations that reduce returns by an average of 23%.


Pimberly is a product information management system (PIM) designed to provide accurate, consistent product descriptions and images. Because product information is at the heart of your sales, storing your product information in one central location enables you to keep high-quality product information up to date and consistent. Pimberly manages the following:

  • SKUs
  • Product codes and names
  • Stock data
  • Weight, dimensions, materials, colors for products and packaging
  • Key features, certifications, available parts, and accessories
  • Shipping information
  • High-quality images, product videos, 360 and 3D views
  • Downloadable PDF documents such as manuals, sizing charts,
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) functionalities, design files such as CAD
  • Appropriate currency, language, and marketing preferences for international sales

Your digital assets and product data remain consistent across your organization and shopping channels, ensuring a transparent, pleasurable customer experience.


Today, marketing has to feel honest and authentic. Your marketing should be creative but never at the risk of becoming disingenuous. Marpipe enables you to perfect your marketing technique by testing and measuring the different variables of your creative. As a result, you develop the most trustworthy, effective versions to improve transparency and increase sales.

4. Keep up with the competition

In today’s retail environment, customers gravitate towards retailers that deliver on their promises. Leading retailers are experts at transparency and creating enjoyable, easy customer experiences that always deliver what they promise. Even a single negative experience for a customer can permanently tarnish your reputation in the customer’s eyes. Because customers want reliability from their retailers, a focus on information that leads to confident purchases gives you an edge over the competition.

Whether it is accurate colors using enriched images and video, downloadable specs for technical purchases, or using logical product relationships for easy navigation, completely transparent product information will always outshine the competition.