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Pimberly is a powerful cloud based platform. Helping global brands, accelerate their online sales through better product information management. We’re now introducing automated product data sheets, a new feature that create and maintain data sheets in real time directly within the Pimberly platform. So how does this work in Pimberly? Firstly, create a template for the design of the data sheets and set up a custom channel to export the relevant products, then add enrich or update the product record. When all the required data for the data sheet is complete, the channel will automatically be triggered for release, Pimberly will then generate a pdf product data sheet. And finally, the data sheet will be saved directly into the product record alongside of the images and digital assets.

Let’s take a look at this in real time in Pimberly. For this product. The template and channel have already been set up. So I just need to populate the required product data attributes. I’ll go ahead and do that. Now that these are complete, the data sheet channel will run and the product data sheet will be created automatically. That’s now been generated as a pdf. And I said here within the product record with all the information that I had added previously. From here, this pdf data sheet can be distributed easily to any of my channels, such as my e commerce website, internal sales teams and reseller channels.

Any further changes made to the product record will trigger a fresh data sheet to be created in the same way. So what can automated product data sheets do for your business? Well, increase product sales by making enriched product assets available to your customers and sales teams reduce business risk by clearly presenting high quality technical product information to me, any required regulation safe in the knowledge, it will always be up to date speed time to market for your products by cutting out manual processes and keeping things up to date in real time with powerful automation. And finally, you’ll also super charge the productivity of your teams, reducing repetitive checks and approvals and working in one centralized platform.

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