Pimberly Success Story:
J Rosenthal

Thanks to the Pimberly PIM system, we are able to work smarter and more efficiently. Onboarding new products used to take the product team weeks. Now it only takes an afternoon.

eCommerce Manager, J Rosenthal 

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J Rosenthal open the curtains to see the light in their eCommerce growth strategy 

J Rosenthal, part of Ulster Weavers Ltd, is a market-leading manufacturer of home furnishings. Founded over 100 years ago it prides itself on delivering high-quality home textiles. J Rosenthal are able to fulfil the requirements of a huge range of retailers, working closely with each one to deliver a service that best meets the needs of their business. 

Full visibility of the product lifecycle from start to finish in a central location    

Before implementing Pimberly, disparate spreadsheets across shared drives managed the different stages of the product lifecycle. Consequently, it was hard for the various departments to collaborate effectively. This was drastically slowing the time it took to get products to market.  

For J Rosenthal, product enrichment was a very laborious task to manage due to the many lifecycle stages and the different teams involved at each of these stages. Incomplete or inaccurate product descriptions were often published as the teams were working from disparate systems and Excel documents in different formats. 

Sourcing existing product images and assets was another cumbersome process. The team couldn’t easily find what they needed because these were stored on a shared drive with no logical folder structure. 

In addition, the eCommerce team rarely knew what a product or its packaging looked like until the last minute. This meant they were always on the back foot trying to create exciting and unique product descriptions prior to launch.    

Pimberly’s product lifecycles and powerful workflow features enable J Rosenthal to track the product’s journey from start to finish. The product data is enriched as and when required because it is all held in the centralized PIM system.  

This has resulted in products reaching sales channels much quicker and with completely accurate data. J Rosenthal’s channel partners felt this benefit downstream. 

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We were looking for a system where we could manage product development from start to finish. Pimberly was the only PIM system we looked at that would be able to give us that 360 view. As a manufacturer, that was very important to us .

Simon Fu,  eCommerce Manager

The single source of truth    

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Our communications team now has more data in one place than they’ve ever had before. We are so much more organized and we’re thrilled!   

J Rosenthal

For any manufacturer, it’s vital to be able to create a single source of truth for their product data. At J. Rosenthal, all product information and digital assets were previously stored in disparate systems, in different formats. Creating a single source of truth was something that was hard to achieve.  

J Rosenthal needed to invest in a solution that would centralize the management of their products in order to reach their growth aspirations as the previous process was time-intensive and often led to products being launched without being fully enriched. 

Their ERP held manufacturing data, such as materials used to make the products. The studio team added product images to a shared drive. Meanwhile, data such as sizing, color and weight were held in separate spreadsheet templates. These templates were often overwritten which resulted in a lack of consistency, and issues around version control.   

Having all its product data in one place enables J Rosenthal to quickly and easily onboard new products. As a result, it has now expanded its product range and offers over 19,000 products to its customers.     

These efficiencies have enabled J Rosenthal to concentrate on adding important product attributes such as SKU numbers and barcodes. Because of the frantic nature in which the team used to work, these were often a rushed afterthought. 

A stylish transition to the digitally-focused future for J Rosenthal

J Rosenthal plans to diversify into new markets, expanding its coperate website and will create a B2B website. There are also plans to set up sophisticated channels that will feed enriched data to their different brands. The Pimberly PIM system will be a key enabler in this progression. Pimberly will empower team members to work more collaboratively in the enrichment process to give the business a competitive edge.  

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