Pimberly Success Story: Denovo

“Unlike other vendors we looked at, Pimberly was very flexible to our requirements. We don’t have the normal PIM set up and Pimberly was the only company willing to take on this challenge. The Pimberly team really looked at what we needed and built it out from there. They have been nothing but accommodating. ”

Senior Product Coordinator, Denovo 

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Denovo set for in-tents eCommerce growth   

Denovo is a specialist camping brand with big dreams. They embrace the uncommon, take chances, look for opportunities to improve, and are on the path to serious eCommerce growth. Creating products with exemplary service and value throughout the global market.    

Choosing the right solution  

To achieve its eCommerce growth aspirations, Denovo knew it would have to find a more efficient and automated way of working way of managing its product data.    

It knew exactly what it wanted in a PIM solution. The business wanted to invest in PIM software that enabled the manufacturing team in China and the sales and marketing team in the USA to easily work together. It needed a platform that would enable the relevant departments to access all the creative assets such as CAD Drawings, product images and safety sheets.  

It also wanted to equip the sales team with all the information they needed, such as costings and pack sizes. Auto-generating GTIN item numbers based on a specific formula it had written was also a priority due to how manual and laborious the process was managing through multiple spreadsheets.  

It carried out research online for leading global PIM providers and discussed the requirements. Straight away, the team at Denovo was impressed with how responsive the Pimberly sales and implementation teams were, despite the time difference.   

Denovo case study

The biggest thing for me was how responsive, flexible, and accommodating the Pimberly team was. This blew us over, so choosing them was a no-brainer.

Delaney Vaughn, Senior Product Coordinator

Creating efficiencies with a central source of truth   

Denovo case study

We wanted the whole team to benefit from the power of Pimberly.  We’re creating a central source of truth, so anyone within the team can look at any of our products and see what stage they are at. The team can now get their own status updates which means they feel so much more empowered. 


Previously, the team at Denovo would spend hours searching disparate sources for product information and digital assets. The product information existed in emails and spreadsheets. The media assets, such as CAD drawings, warranty, product images from the studio, were stored in a shared drive.    

With Pimberly, Denovo could onboard new products in a more organized and efficient way, creating one central source of truth. The eCommerce and products team will be able to log in and see the exact stage of production for all products. Before, this was something that was only possible by contacting the manufacturing team.    

As well as having a clear view of what the future has in store, it can keep a full audit trail of its orders. This gave granular details of past eCommerce sales and means it can easily create repeat orders. For example, Denovo can now see what color camping chairs were sent to Walmart versus Target. This intel just wasn’t available before the deployment of Pimberly.    

Letting automation pave the way    

The manual processes that Denovo had in place were creating a barrier to its eCommerce growth. This is something this ambitious business was not going to let happen. It needed to find efficiencies in processes, and fast!    

 It started with the manual assignment of the UPC manufacturer ID number. If this was wrong, it would be detrimental to the experience that their customers were looking to create. The customer wouldn’t be able to buy an item if the barcode didn’t bring up the correct pricing information. Alternatively, the customer would have to wait for the cashier to find the correct information.   

The team worked with Pimberly to find a solution using the attribute function. This enabled them to generate a UPC barcode using the company prefix, product number, and a GS1-compliant check digit appended.   

Pimberly created a workflow that generates a formula to autogenerate the UPC barcode every time a new product is created. This made the process of product creation even more efficient. 

Pimberly Denovo case study

Pimberly helped us create an automated solution for this. This means we now feel super organized and are able to onboard products faster and more efficiently.   

Delaney Vaughn, Senior Product Coordinator

Setting up camp for eCommerce Success  

In the future, it will be looking to roll out Pimberly as the team grows. Pimberly will be used as a multifaceted platform that enriches product information, increases online sales, and improves efficiencies. It will also be used as a tool to train new staff to enable them to get a full history of the product catalog.    

This is going to be a tool that will be used across all the companies within the group. It knows that Pimberly will grow with the business and will help create efficiencies as it changes its way of working.    

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