Pimberly Success Story: Whiteaway

“Pimberly has saved us huge amounts of time, enabling us to focus on strategic areas of the business and make more intelligent decisions.

Thanks to Pimberly, we’ve got a much clearer view on the completeness of all our products so, even as our product range grows, we can easily make sure we’re delivering the best product information to our customers.”

IT Coordinator, Whiteaway

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Whiteaway Group Set to Become the Coolest Whitegoods Retailer by Mixing up Their Product Information Management Processes  

Whiteaway Group was established in 2007 and has around 240 dedicated employees working from beautiful offices in Aarhus, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden.

 It’s a young, ambitious and successful eCommerce business in rapid growth. With an innovative approach and a focus on providing the best customer experience, they are considered the leading online supplier of white goods in Scandinavia, with future plans to expand outside of the region

Whiteaway Group owns several online shops including Whiteaway, Skousen and Tretti marketplace — as well as the franchise chain Skousen, which currently operates in Denmark and Norway.  

 A Scalable, Time-Saving Solution Configured to Specific Business Needs

Prior to Pimberly, Whiteaway were using their own solution that had been developed in-house. As the business and the product range continued to grow, they realised this solution just wasn’t scalable. The other major challenge they faced was managing the system, as well as updating all the product information, which became a hugely onerous task for both the development and data entry teams.  

Going forward, the team are looking to integrate the supplier data feeds with Pimberly so they can free up time for the development and data entry teams. As the business continues to grow, they will be able to easily configure the platform to their changing business needs without having to start from scratch – something they would have had to do had they kept their in-house solution. Pimberly provides them with all their product information in one place, making it a lot more user-friendly than their in-house solution, and means their teams can work together far more efficiently.

Pimberly PIM software case study

With our in-house solution, there were technical costs relating to supporting and managing the system but, with Pimberly, we’re able to save loads of time and also focus these resources on other technical objectives

Christian Cajus Rotbøl, IT Coordinator

Working Smarter, Not Harder with Better Collaboration and Decision Making

Whiteaway used Pimberly's PIM software to organise their product data

We feel empowered knowing that our teams are going into supplier meetings equipped with all the knowledge they need to drive the right conversations.


Getting the relevant teams working together in Pimberly has improved collaboration across the organisation, empowered the data entry teams to focus on their areas of expertise, and freed up more time for Senior Management to focus on strategic areas of the business. Team members can identify gaps in supplier information, driving decision-led conversations to ensure the maximum amount of quality product data is made available.  

With the in-house solution they were using, there was no straightforward way of identifying which products were missing information. The lifecycles in Pimberly provide this information in a digestible way, so each team member knows exactly which products need to be updated and when those updates need to take place, enabling them to work much more efficiently. 

Creating Better Customer Experiences with Fully Enriched Product Information

Whiteaway have specific data requirements in order for products to be published on their channels i.e., images and how-to videos. With their in-house solution, there wasn’t a way of knowing which products were missing information, so the product simply wouldn’t be available, resulting in missed sales opportunities.     

With Pimberly, the team at Whiteaway now have clear visibility of the completeness of all their products, giving them the power to make updates quickly. This means more products with fully enriched information are available for customers, and it creates a much-improved online experience.   

Also, because the product information management process has been simplified, it’s encouraged suppliers to provide that extra layer of product information so they can present their products to Whiteaway customers in the best possible light.  

Seeing the changes made within Pimberly instantly reflected across our online channels is a huge success and a huge step forward in terms of getting the best results from our technical platform.

Christian Cajus Rotbøl, IT Coordinator

It’s like a whole new world of process and product presentation. We are very excited about our future with Pimberly there are so many things we’re looking forward to doing


For Whiteaway – The Future is Bright (White)

The future for Whiteaway is all about growth! They’ll be expanding on the eCommerce success they’ve experienced in Denmark over the past year, and will also be growing their physical in-store presence across Sweden and Norway.

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