Pimberly Success Story: Ellis Brigham

“With Pimberly we have effectively grown from one to three websites and now have the confidence to manage even more products, expanding our product ranges. Without Pimberly this just wouldn’t have been possible.”

Online Manager, Ellis Brigham 

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  Ellis Brigham reach new heights and expand their product range to make an alpine start on their competitors

Ellis Brigham is the worlds’ leading mountaineering apparel retailer. Founded in 1933 on a small street on the outskirts of Manchester by Frederick Ellis Brigham the walking boot and cycling shoe shop quickly established a name for themselves as the place to visit for expertly made footwear. Over the years they have always been the first to sell the latest innovations, seeing clothing move from Ventile, to neoprene coated nylon and then to GORE-TEX fabrics

Fast-forward more than 80 years and the family-run Mountain Sports store has the world’s best brands selling all over the UK.

Meeting demand and multiplying websites

Ellis Brigham struggled with expansion, and demand for their products was steadily creeping higher than the speed with which they could update their product data. With Pimberly, they were able to meet demand and increase the number of websites hosted from one to three.

Thanks to the efficiency of the PIM system and the ability to have a single source of truth for all products, Ellis Brigham have been able to upload even more products to their existing line. They now stock over 100,000 products, with the added bonus of being able to set up flexible product attributes for each one

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Product information is massively important for us and will continue to be in the future. Based on the support we’ve received from Pimberly, we would highly recommend them to other retailers.

Mike Humphreys, Online Manager

Greater speed to market through effective and flexible product information

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The system gives us a lot more autonomy. It makes a huge difference to how you can communicate around data and see where something has gone wrong. It allows us to upload product attributes quickly, whereas before it would have been a painful process.

Ellis Brigham

A slow and laborious process of using a spreadsheet to update and keep track of product data caused a lack of visibility for the team at Ellis Brigham. The data was often out of date and sometimes even incomplete.  With Pimberly they were able to quickly identify and update incomplete data, meaning they could  get products to market quicker, and dramatically reduce errors in product descriptions.

Ellis Brigham have also been able to race ahead of their competition and increase their speed to market by utilising the flexible nature of Pimberly to quickly respond to seasonal and market changes.

Using Pimberly means Ellis Brigham can include digital assets with their products automatically, reducing the amount of time spent on admin. This also provides a greater consistency of product data across all three websites thanks to a new single source of truth, and has allowed them to customise and enrich their product data for The Outsiders Store, creating a much better experience for online users.

Harness the power of an all encompassing PIM Solution

Before PIM, Ellis Brigham were using a Content Management System (CMS)  to drag and drop individual images. This process took hours of painstaking work to complete, and that’s without even mentioning the difficulties of uploading and managing videos.

With Pimberly’s easy to use DAM, uploading of data is quick and simple. This means that new products can be rolled out much faster than before, reducing time to market and maximising sales days. Using Pimberly’s automated lifecycles feature, product data visibility has dramatically improved across all three websites.

In terms of price and functionality, Pimberly is peerless.

Mike Humphreys, Online Manager

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So long manual processes! Hello powerful automation

Before Pimberly, Ellis Brigham relied on a manual process to update and manage their product data. They were using spreadsheets to directly upload data to the CMS, which was a slow, limited and time-consuming process.

They needed a platform where they could automate this process. Ellis Brigham knew that Pimberly would enable them to manage things such as their product attributes, seasonal codes and product descriptions in an efficient, cost-effective manner. This allowed the uploading of new product data to be simpler and faster than they could ever have done it before.

I like the versatility of Pimberly. If someone says can you show me a product filter, I can use the platform to find it in less than five minutes. In the past, I’ve worked on systems where products have gone straight to stock and there was no in between. But PIM is purely focused on products. So, you have the option to identify product subsets, categories and descriptions and get greater visibility.

Ellis Brigham

For Ellis Brigham — the sky is the limit with Pimberly

The next goal is to bring in extended product ranges directly through shipments rather than taking up space in their warehouse. Having a robust PIM platform has made the process of product data management easy, meaning Ellis Brigham can scale and easily expand their product range with confidence.

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