Why Pre-Orders Make Sense for Your Business

Surely, no one wants to lose out on a sale. Pre-ordering can be the best option if your company frequently experiences problems with availability or the well-known backorder. It enables you to determine the ideal reorder point, assess customer demand, and boost sales. Continue reading to find out more about pre-orders, why they make sense for your business, and how you should use them.

Jess Edwards

Jess Edwards

Customer Marketing Manager

What does pre-order mean?

Buying a product that hasn’t been released or manufactured yet is known as a preorder. Using pre-ordering to charge clients a deposit or the entire payment to reserve things is a great way to increase sales. The best aspect is that maintaining these products in stock doesn’t even cost money.

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Customers can also benefit from pre-ordering since it ensures they will receive a product as soon as it is released. Customers may find it practically impossible to purchase the products regularly if there is extremely high demand or tiny production runs.

What is pre-ordering?

A pre-order item is a newly designed product that is still in production and is still not in our warehouse, or it could be an already-sold item for which we are waiting on resupply. Initially, in the pre-production phase, companies offer pre-orders for new items so that consumers can reserve them in advance and give time to make necessary adjustments to satisfy demand.

This procedure helps to avoid fraudulent pricing by after-market resellers taking advantage of a restricted supply and guarantees that clients can buy without worrying that the item will sell out. E-commerce sites update photographs along the road when they have manufacturing samples to share.

Images of new pre-order goods are frequently of the models the production is based upon. On item pre-order sites, you can find artist information and individual item specifications. A few changes could be made while the product is being produced. These changes are not regarded as flaws and are not eligible for reimbursement or reduction. When a product is purchased, an estimated shipment date is provided on the product page. There could be a change to this date.

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Pre-order website examples

Here are some of the best pre-order website examples to have some inspiration:

Mr & Mrs. Hill Lighting

One of the most well-known lighting and home décor brands in Australia is Mr. & Mrs. Hill Lighting. The company is now accepting preorders for its Gold Leaf Fairy Lights. Clients may select from a range of styles, and they will be supplied in time for the holidays. Mr. & Mrs. Hill Lighting uses the amount of products left to generate an atmosphere of urgency in their pre-order strategy. If customers believe there is a limited quantity of the product, they are more inclined to place an order.


Offering baby carriers and slings for supporting newborns until they weigh 35 pounds is Wildbird’s area of expertise. Customers are encouraged to backorder aerial carriers that are presently out of stock by Wildbird through its pre-order method. Customers who use backorder can place their orders and get their products delivered as soon as the stock replenishes.

Pokemon Video Game

Two forthcoming video game releases that are already available for pre-order are Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Customers can now get both in-game exclusive content for pre-order purchases when they purchase them as a double pack, which is presently available.There is a comprehensive description section on the Pokémon pre-order main page that includes information on everything from included freebies to possible shipment dates.

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What does pre-ordering do?

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of pre-ordering that help you grow your business sales:

Improve SEO

Including pre order pages on your website is a great approach to boost search engine traffic. This is because you can begin ranking for product-related terms even before the product is introduced.

Improve Business Sales

Increasing eCommerce sales is the main benefit of implementing a pre-ordering strategy. This makes it easy to identify which products are ideal to sell to increase sales and raise brand recognition.

Predict Product Demand

Pre-ordering can also be used to determine consumer interest in a specific product. That way, you don’t have to waste money buying a bunch of safety stock if clients don’t seem interested.

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How pre-order works

Pre-ordering is a very easy process that entails selling goods that are not owned by your company. It is comparable to dropshipping, however far more constrained. From a business perspective, placing a pre-order involves first entering into an agreement with your suppliers that ensures you will receive a specific quantity of goods on the day of release.

To sell the products, you’ll then need to create a website for them. After that, you may utilize eCommerce marketing to alert them to the restricted availability and direct them to the website. Finally, when the products arrive, your order fulfillment team will package them immediately and ship them to the customer.

The process is as easy for buyers to do as any other purchase. For pre-orders, many companies merely charge a deposit; nevertheless, some could demand full payment. An approximate arrival date—typically on the same day as the item’s release or shortly thereafter—will be provided to the consumer. After that, they await delivery.

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Definition of order

A payment order for a good or service that isn’t yet available is called a pre-order. You can let your customers order things that aren’t currently in stock or available by using this method. As soon as the products are available, you dispatch them to the clients.

Adding buttons that allow customers to order ahead of release on your website assures buyers that they will be among the first to purchase your product when it becomes available. This is regardless of when you plan to launch it or if it is currently out of stock. Because they know they can get their hands on your goods before it’s available to the general public, most buyers find this approach to be appealing.

To avoid any surprises, you must explain to your customers how your pre-order system operates. Using this approach will benefit your company in ways beyond simply increasing customer anticipation for a new product. Proper implementation of the strategy might yield numerous additional advantages for your company.

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Bottom line

Pre-orders are an essential marketing tactic to increase sales and improve brand recognition. It greatly helps boost revenue and manufacturing orders. To easily manage pre-order bulks, you should opt for effective management tools to streamline your company data. You can contact us at Pimberly for the best management tools around you.