What is a Digital Product Catalog for eCommerce?

One sort of marketing material that includes essential product details to assist consumers in making a purchasing choice is a product catalog. Features, weight, size, price, availability, color, user reviews, and more are all included in this information. Here, we look at how to create the best online product catalog for eCommerce.

The Amazon marketplace provides a wealth of information with only one click and is the best illustration of a product catalog. Consider a book you’ve wanted to purchase; Amazon provides all the required details. It contains information on the book’s title and author. Also, it includes the publisher, pages, price, dimensions, offers and discounts, book synopsis, and more. These kinds of documents are rather typical in both B2C and B2B setting and used to create a product catalog.

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A product catalog is a list of details about individual products. Giving clients a thorough list of every product available is the primary goal of a product catalog. It typically includes all pertinent digital assets and product data. Brands use a product catalog to make all product options easily accessible to customers, dealers, and staff. Product catalogs that display accessories and related parts for a product can have a big influence and boost sales of aftermarket parts.

So, let’s dig further and see how to create the best online product catalog to attract potential customers. In addition, we’ll look at how to win the best bet in terms of design.

What is a digital product catalog?

When used and created correctly, the best product catalogs become an effective tool that can benefit your company in many ways, including:

  • Your online product catalog’s uniform design and branding convey the expertise and dedication to the details of your business. Instilling trust with prospective consumers and setting yourself apart from competitors who may lack the same degree of organization are two benefits of this.
  • Creating a product catalog provides prospective clients with all the information required to make an informed selection by giving them a neat and appealing way to peruse your products.
  • You can use customers’ interactions with your contemporary, trackable product catalog to study their behavior. You may then improve your offers based on consumer feedback by learning about your customers’ preferences and trends.
  • Product catalog creation is a valuable marketing process. Your products can reach a larger audience by being distributed online, which raises the likelihood that you will make a sale.
  • Both current staff members and prospective hires might use an effective product catalog as a reference guide. Going back and forth among departments to get product updates is no longer necessary because all the information is in one location.
  • You may choose which products you’re currently marketing and selling more carefully when you combine a product catalog with stock availability.

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Benefits of a digital product catalog for your business

Here are some samples of the most commonly used product catalog designs. Hopefully, you can take inspiration from some of these to create your own company’s catalog:

Plant Products

With this kind of template for products, create the best plant CMS product catalog for 2023. It includes everything you need, including beautiful layouts and an easily customizable, well-organized InDesign file. Customize this template to create the best product catalog WordPress designs for your company.

Simple Sample Products

It’s like getting an empty canvas for your brochure design ideas when you download this template. This adaptability is due to its simple layouts, which can provide striking effects depending on the wording and product photographs you use. You can quickly get this sample product catalog into the hands of consumers by printing it in US Letter format.

image of thought catalog


Aromatherapy and candles can appear too specialized when looking to create a product catalog. However, you can use these layouts for almost any item—clothing, housewares, and more. This design is among the best examples of a catalog because of the various layouts it displays.

Product Promotion

Product promotion is the template for searching for unique InDesign catalog designs for product sales or advertising. There are numerous ways to modify the US Letter size design to fit your needs. The comprehensive 12-page InDesign product catalog has an easy-to-use help file that walks you through the customization process, among the examples of a product catalog that is the most adaptable.

Clear Interior

A layout with 24 different pages is available in this product book catalog. It’s ideal for interior design, furniture enterprises, and property management firms. There are four color schemes in the A4 InDesign catalog. It’s simple to change and alter any part as needed.

Square Interior


How about trying a square layout for a unique and visually striking catalog? This product guide template is print-ready, layered, and has 22 pages. For your projects, this InDesign catalog is excellent overall.

How to create product catalog

When you create a product catalog, you should aim to make the purchasing process easier for your clients. In light of this, there are four essential components that all successful product catalogs share. When looking at how to create a product catalog, these are the most crucial components to understand. 

Gather Accurate Product Information

Above all, a product catalog can only be complete with high-quality product photographs. Expertly taken images that highlight your products from different perspectives draw in customers and enable them to picture themselves using the product.

Clear and thorough product descriptions, in addition to photos, are crucial for providing customers with accurate knowledge of the things you sell. Included here are essential characteristics of the product, like its dimensions, composition, features, and any other pertinent information.


Choose the Layout and Structure

Customers needing help while looking throughout your product catalog is the very last thing you want to happen. Because of this, it’s critical to balance structure and originality when evaluating how to create your online product catalog layout. Sony decided to do this by utilizing succinct product descriptions and striking images on white backgrounds. They employ QR codes rather than a feature list, keeping their catalog visual.

Create a Compelling Product Story

Well-written copy and compelling narratives can elevate your products in your product catalog. They are solutions that connect with your clients personally rather than just stuff on a page. Samsung achieves this by fusing attention-grabbing headlines with the characteristics that will benefit the user the most. Furthermore, each headline illustrates the advantages of utilizing their products, which helps clients see how their lives could improve.

Conversion Numbers

Finally, but just as importantly, if you don’t advise your clients how to purchase the goods, there’s no use in developing product catalogs. Remember to incorporate conversion aspects, whether through thoughtfully positioned CTAs, chances for cross-selling or upselling, or just offering contact details.

Best product catalog software

Maintaining catalog content is far more intricate than one might initially think. You must possess a comprehensive outline of all forthcoming products, decide which ones to feature in your catalog, and ensure that all other product details are current.

A high-quality catalog software solution will help you expedite the installation process and make it easier for you to design, manage, and distribute your catalog. Furthermore, inaccuracies will incur enormous expenses if you utilize physical catalogs since you cannot deliver a finished catalog that contains inaccurate product information or pricing. Consequently, you can lower failure rates and boost consistency with excellent online product catalog software.

Product catalog software improves your company’s bottom line by allowing you to produce catalogs with eye-catching images and compelling product descriptions. Therefore, always strive for the quality and benefits of top-notch product catalog software.

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Bottom Line

Creating an eye-catching product catalog is essential for any business to attract the right kind of customers to boost their sales. Therefore, consider investing in best product catalogs design software to build it professionally. You can also contact us at Pimberly if you require management tools and software to up your catalog game.