Using PIM for TikTok

TikTok has become a powerhouse for e-commerce companies looking for the ideal marketing tool to create awareness about their products. Here we look at how PIM (product information management) can assist in creating exceptional and engaging TikTok content to meet the expectations of your younger customers.

1. What is TikTok?

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps for consumers between the ages of 10 to 29. Offering an easy platform to create and share video content in short, easy-to-digest 15-second videos, you can create videos to appear in customers’ personalized feeds to promote your brand and products. TikTok offers the perfect medium to generate organic content and leverage hashtags, working either on your own or with influencers to create effective promotional campaigns. According to Statista, TikTok had about 86.9 million users in the U.S. in 2021, which is expected to rise to over 103 million by 2025.

2. The appeal of TikTok for consumers

TikTok enables consumers to quickly digest information while enjoying an entertaining collection of videos targeting their interests. Users can reduce their effort searching for information thanks to the effective algorithms that present personalized content based on an individual’s:

  • Settings, device, location, and language
  • Hashtags
  • Captions
  • Information genre
  • Past user interactions and favored videos
  • Types of accounts followed

Also, TikTok has created an endless list of social media personalities who help push products they discover, making a major impression on viewers who trust their opinions. As a result, you can discover ample opportunities to reach people open to new ideas. Customers scroll through TikTok and respond to ads tailored to their interests. For your brand, that opens possibilities to encourage purchases within seconds of coming across your ads.

3. The appeal of TikTok for retailers

If your ideal customer is a Gen Zer, 1 in 2 will buy something while on TikTok. Also, 81% of users use TikTok to discover new products/brands. That provides an exciting opportunity to reach new customers who rely on TikTok selling as a major source for their shopping decisions. TikTok is designed for younger audiences around the world. This is where brands can gain credibility and keep up with trends to remain relevant to their audience. Because it is so affordable, you can master the art of creating casual, organic TikTok video content to build an authentic and trustworthy brand image. You can use TikTok in several ways, including:

  • Your Own Branded Channel: Create content with almost zero budget to share on your own branded channel. Use the app’s exceptional, easy-to-use tools to produce engaging content designed to resonate with your target customers.
  • Influencer Collaboration: As your brand becomes more recognized, you can also leverage influencer communities to expand your reach. Sharing your products with influencers who are always happy to find new things to share with followers can help you get free exposure. However, you can also use the Creator Marketplace to find creators to join your campaigns.
  • Hashtags: This is your chance to find user-generated content with a user challenge to create videos for your campaigns.
  • TikTok Ads: You can also pay for ads on a less saturated channel where users are open to meeting new brands. In-feed ads on TikTok as well as things like banner ads and sponsored hashtag challenges offer unique opportunities to introduce yourself to new demographics.

4. Using a PIM to optimize TikTok selling

TikTok eCommerce has specific requirements retailers must meet to sell their products on the platform. If you are already using multiple platforms for your omnichannel strategy, management can be overwhelming. It’s essential to keep track of all the different formatting requirements for product data across channels and marketplaces. Product Information Management software, or PIM, provides a centralized hub to automate the entire process and update products and ads for your merchandise. You are fully equipped to present potential customers with the products they’re interested in on one of today’s most widely used platforms.

A PIM’s product record enables you to easily view and manage all the assets you need for each product so you can quickly create compelling product content ready to use on TikTok. With everything stored in one place, you know your information is up to date, so you can publish product information with confidence. A PIM allows you to review use cases based on real customer experience and customer demographics to maximize product appeal.

Using a PIM enables you to leverage the power of TikTok, offering more personalized experiences users expect in today’s e-commerce landscape.