How Electrical and Mechanical Brands Can Leverage Complex Product Data

If you’re an electrical/mechanical manufacturer, distributor, or supplier, it is likely you deal with complex product data daily. In essence, all that data works together with overlaps and intricate details, making it especially dense once you get down to the component level of each product.

In this case, you have a formidable amount of product information and SKUs that your team needs to manage and constantly update. For example, each component varies in size, compatibility, materials, tolerances, etc. Consequently, your team faces a formidable task of navigating this product data.

In this whitepaper, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of:

  • What constitutes ‘complex product data’ and what companies deal in such product information. In other words, what separates complex product data from simple product data?
  • How brands can leverage their complex product data to increase conversions
  • Why a technically sophisticated PIM is best suited for electrical/mechanical companies.
  • Ways to streamline all sorts of processes for your team using automated spec and sell sheets and attribution

~18 min read (circa 6000 words)

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Remain a

reliable partner

Optimize product

data pages





Use AI-generated

product descriptions

Spec and sell sheets fully automated

With AI functionality, your spec and sell sheets are automatically populated with required product data.

Centralize your product data for buyers

Leverage your product data and keep tabs on various KPIs at different stages of the buyer journey.

How does PIM enable electrical/mechanical brands?

Learn all the ways electrical/mechanical brands can utilize PIM to hit growth targets and remove tedious manual processes.

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Access How Electrical and Mechanical Brands Can Leverage Complex Product Data for free now:

Product data should benefit your company instead of being nothing more than a hassle. So, for electrical/mechanical companies, properly leveraging complex product data should be at the core of your sales strategy. In turn, you ensure distributors, resellers, and consumers can quickly access your product information and make informed decisions that increase revenues. Additionally, you remain a reliable brand to conduct business with. However, this is only possible when your team has the right PIM (Product Information Management) software in place.

Access the whitepaper to uncover how you can leverage your product data to drive real results!