5 Great Line Sheet Templates to Increase Sales

Line sheets are an essential sales tool used by brands and product designers to present items to potential retailers. If you want top retailers, boutiques, and online stores to pick up your product lines, you need to create high-quality line sheets suited to specific industries that easily demonstrate your products are top-notch. Here we look at great 5 line sheet templates sure to help increase sales.

1. Fashion line sheets

image of fashion line sheet template

A fashion line sheet showcases designer collections and/or product lines with images, sizing, pricing, and material.

They offer many benefits, including:

  • You remain competitive: In fashion, line sheets are an industry standard, meaning, if you want to remain competitive, you need a solid templated line sheet that reflects your brand. High-quality images make an instant impression that ensures buyers want to see their customers wearing your designs.
  • Professionalism: As an industry standard, you must use line sheets to sell your line.
  • Stand out: Although line sheets are a fashion industry staple, it is the best way to help your brand stand out. Creating a distinct look using an impressive line sheet template ensures your photos and designs are the ones that buyers remember. You make a lasting impression by showcasing your collections.
  • Unique brand: Fashion is all about getting a distinct, unique look. Your line sheets help define your brand, sharing your latest collections.

Fashion line sheet templates include:

  • Product image
  • SKU/Item number
  • Style name
  • Description
  • Main fabric breakdown
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Wholesale price
  • Recommended Retail Price (RRP)
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

2. Furniture line sheet

image of furniture line sheet

Furnishings and home design are higher profile than ever before. With the introduction of leading home décor shows, DIY, and the arrival of social media sharing, unique furniture lines are a must for retailers wanting to make a mark for themselves. Your furniture lines must be shown off in a unique way to catch the attention of highly discerning buyers and interior designers.

You are up against even tougher competition on sites like Wayfair, where you can sell directly to customers. Marketplaces increase your reach without the need to get into home décor brick and mortar shops with limited floor space. The furniture line sheet provides a quick and easy reference guide for potential buyers, whether they are merchandisers for major retailers or for use on direct-to-customer marketplaces.

Line sheets control the way people see your products. High-quality photos and product details speak to the quality of the materials you use and the workmanship that creates a superior furniture experience. Furniture line sheet templates include:

  • Name
  • Product general description (i.e., dining chair)
  • Pattern/color
  • Material breakdown, i.e., the fabrics used, the wood, or the metal
  • Dimensions

3. Jewelry line sheet

image of jewelry line sheet

People use jewelry as a statement about their own sense of style but also as a status symbol or testament to the most important relationships in their lives. Your jewelry line sheets highlight key product details, including:

  • Your product line name
  • SKU
  • Product description
  • Materials used
  • Dimensions and size
  • Karat
  • Pricing
  • Images
  • Available finishes

Because of the investment and highly personalized nature of jewelry, your line sheets need to create an eye-catching display and accurately describe the products to create an opportunity to grow your appeal to a broad selection of buyers. Customizing your line sheet templates enables you to reposition your products to appeal to your target buyer easily.

You need a very specific line sheet strategy that works on many different levels, whether you are selling at a trade show, appealing to buyers for major retail chains, or looking for a spot in locally owned and operated boutiques. You also can’t forget opportunities in online marketplaces where you can sell directly to customers.

4. Electronics line sheetimage of electronics line sheet

Electronics line sheets are more detailed and high-tech, showcasing features like functionality, speed, dimensions, etc.

Buyers are looking for data that tells them the most important details that set electronic goods apart, with a focus on performance, function, warranty, and unique features.

5. Hospitality products line sheet

image of hospitality products line sheet

Hospitality products cover a broad range of items related to special occasions. In this case, you want to set the right tone so buyers can find products that suit their personalities and deliver the right message. This includes products, such as flowers or greeting cards, that showcase attributes like:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Tone
  • Messaging
  • Occasion (otherwise known as function)

You then need to include the basics, such as codes and pricing. In this example, you can get a definite feel for the tone, appealing to the shopping-obsessed, high-earner with a self-aware sense of humor.

Line sheets are easier to design and share with a quick-to-populate template used together with an effective PIM/DAM (product information and digital asset management) system. For more information about Pimberly’s legacy PIM/DAM, click here to set up a demo.