5 Amazing Product Detail Pages & Why We Love Them

A product detail page is the eCommerce equivalent of your shop window. In other words, it displays all the information customers need to make informed buying decisions. Ultimately, potential customers land on your page because they’ve been using highly relevant, intent-driven search terms. They’re already in buying mode, and your product page is the last step they need to take before hitting “add to cart” and completing their purchase.

That’s why it’s so important to get it right – it leads directly to a sale, and you’ve invested a lot of time and money into making sure potential customers find you over your competitors.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the benefits of nailing product page design. And, we’ll provide some product page pointers by analyzing some of our favorites.

Benefits of high-quality product detail pages

To drive product discovery:

Good SEO is the driving force behind making sure you get your products in front of the right people at the right time, especially in a highly competitive environment. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your product titles so they appear higher up in SERPs. For product descriptions, it’s also recommended to include longtail and LSI keywords.

They provide better user experiences:

A well-designed product detail page should instantly give a clear view of the product, along with the key features and benefits. Customers should be able to easily find the information they need, and site navigation should be seamless. Furthermore, high-quality product images and videos are crucial, and ideally, you’d offer 3D and zoom capabilities.

For boosting conversions and sales:

You need to give potential customers plentiful and appropriate information so they have the confidence to hit the “buy now” button. A great way of doing that is with social proof like customer reviews and user-generated content to boost conversion rates. In addition, you can use intelligent product recommendations, kits, and bundles to increase Average Order Values (AOV).

Don’t forget…make sure customers are happy post-purchase:

Around 40% of online orders are returned due to poor-quality product data such as inaccurate or unclear sizing information. Make sure your customers are happy post-purchase by making sure they’ve got all the information they need to get the product that’s right for them. Detailed product information will be vital, but it’s also a good idea to offer a live chat functionality so customers can ask specific questions before buying.

Pimberly customer examples

Now we’ve covered some of the basics of eCommerce product detail pages, let’s take a look at some amazing product pages of our customers, all powered by data from Pimberly:

Aldridge Security 

image of an aldridge security product page

What we love about this page

  • Use of logos to highlight key features and accreditations
  • Creating a sense of urgency with same-day dispatch countdown and free delivery for offers over a certain amount
  • Offer several layers of product detail with associated documents and product data sheets
  • Provides the option to filter by product height
  • Customers easily view similar products in the same category

Draper tools

image of a draper tools product page

What we love about this page

  • Good use of keywords in the product title, which also highlights some of the key benefits
  • A clear CTA that gives the option to either buy online or in-store to reduce cart abandonment
  • Use of breadcrumb navigation so customers can easily trace their steps back to other product categories
  • Displays similar product recommendations and products other customers also viewed which helps prevent lost conversions and can increase AOV
  • Provides the product Trustpilot rating to give customers confidence in the product and helps prevent lost conversions

Ellis Brigham

image of an ellis brigham product page for a trainer

What we love about this page

  • A nice variety of images that showcase the product from all angles, as well as a lifestyle shot and different colors available
  • Gives a comprehensive product description that clearly outlines all the key features and benefits with keywords and phrases
  • Offers the option to look at a size guide so customers know exactly which size will be right for them
  • A clear call to action with the option to select the various delivery options, along with further information on delivery and returns
  • Use of logos to show accreditations and also provides customers with the chance to look at recommended and similar products


image of a furniture box product page

What we love about this page

  • Use of icons to add to wishlist or check delivery details which makes the necessary actions quick and easy, resulting in a much-improved user experience
  • Advises customers of the different payment options available and gives the option to be notified when the product comes back in stock
  • Enables customers to see different layers of product information, such as key features, dimensions, specifications, and reviews
  • The “click to expand” enables customers to have an in-depth view of the product
  • Also provides recommendations for related products
  • Intuitive and user-friendly user experience, making all necessary actions quick and easy

Yesss Electrical

image of a Yesss Electrical product page

What we love about this page

  • Creates a sense of urgency by letting customers know how many items are left in stock
  • Use of breadcrumb navigation so customers can easily retrace their steps
  • Customers can choose to view product prices ex VAT or inc VAT
  • Advises customers of free delivery threshold for orders over a certain amount

How PIM helps you create amazing product detail pages

Because Pimberly streamlines and centralizes all your product information, you can always ensure you’re delivering the highest-quality product data to your customers. Create unlimited product relationships to create cross-sell and upsell opportunities and provide customers with totally accurate and detailed product information so they can make fully informed buying decisions.

All the product information and digital assets seen in the product pages above are fully enriched and totally up to date thanks to Pimberly. Overall, PIM is an essential tool for eCommerce businesses looking to create digital shop windows that customers will love.