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Through workflow Pimberly has the ability to create automation within the product enrichment life cycle. This example workflow here will define to seek approval on a price change on a product before it goes out to sale. By creating an approval workflow, provide a name against it in this example, product price approval and then move to add some conditions.

First, we need to define whether the product is ready to go on sale. The second condition needs to check that the price equals greater than one. Once both conditions are set up, we’ll see an approval and send it to the product approves.

Now, through 3 actions, a workflow can determine whether the approval is accepted rejected or timed out. If they approve it, the price change will be accepted and amend on the product. If they reject it, the person responsible needs to be notified by selecting a notification commands, assigning email notification text in this example, product price query. And additional text, please review product price, we’ll be able to send that to the product improves.

Once saved, we now need to attach this workflow to a product set. So we can assign this to all fashion products and we’ll only attach it for when a price is actually made. By selecting the notify everybody and define that. If a retail price attribute is changed then assigned the product price approval website. Now, no price will be pushed out to the website or channels without the approval of a user.

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