Whitepaper: How to Evaluate Next-Generation DAMs

When evaluating modern DAM solutions, there are several key factors a brand needs to take into account before coming to a decision.

Top brands now seek a modern DAM that seamlessly integrates with Product Information Management (PIM) systems, bringing about revolutionary changes in data management.

Enter the era of next-generation DAM solutions – a fusion of PIM and DAM, offering a holistic approach to information management.

In this white paper, we provide a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know when looking at new DAM solutions, including:

  • Key functions to look for in a next-generation DAM
  • The best DAM softwares of 2023
  • Why modern PIM/DAM solutions provide more automation

Modern PIM/DAM hybrids have redefined data management, rectifying the deficiencies of legacy systems. With the right one, you can leverage features like AI image recognition, ensuring accurate and consistent product descriptions.

~15 min read (circa 4000 words)

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Organize your assets

Automate attribution

Reduce costs

Ensure compliance

Improve branding

Why use a hybrid PIM/DAM?

Contemporary PIM platforms not only streamline product information but also harbor built-in DAM functionalities. They serve as unified repositories, automating the management, distribution, and utilization of digital assets seamlessly alongside product data.

How can DAM benefit your brand?

DAM software simplifies the process of distribution across your sales channels. With DAM, businesses can readily adapt asset management for various platforms. This results in a user-centered experience plus brand awareness for customers across all channels.

What are the key functions to look for?

Between customization and integration capabilities, your brand will have specific requirements for the digital asset management system you choose. There is a checklist of features you need to check off when evaluating different next-generation DAMs as requirements.

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A next-generation PIM/DAM streamlines workflows, automates validations, and perpetually self-trains through machine learning, thereby guaranteeing data accuracy and quality. The integration of PIM and next-generation DAM functionalities in one platform eliminates silos, facilitates collaboration, and sets the stage for enhanced customer experiences and improved conversions.

We’ve put this guide together for when  you’re evaluating these next-generation DAM solutions. By understanding these key aspects, businesses can effectively assess and adopt the most suitable modern PIM/DAM solution to streamline their data management processes and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market.

Access the whitepaper now: