Pimberly Success Story: Furniturebox

The service received from the entire Pimberly team has been nothing short of incredible. Right from the sales process to the support team, Pimberly have nailed the experience and enhanced our eCommerce strategy. I cannot recommend them enough.

Head of eCommerce, Furniturebox

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Furniturebox can now sit easy knowing they have their eCommerce strategy set for success 

Furniturebox is an online furniture business dedicated to beautiful, quality and affordable products. FurnitureBox was launched in 2015 by two 17 years–olds. They had big plans for transforming the online furniture eCommerce experience.

Thanks to the founders, Monty and Dan, the company has already seen exponential eCommerce growth, and this trend is set to continue.

Furniturebox is backed by exceptional customer service. The company manages every step of the online experience to ensure it’s delivering the best possible products. This is something the two founders believe has contributed to their fast online growth. 

Improving the customer experience with rich and accurate product data   

A big driver for PIM was having rich and accurate product data. The team at Furniturebox were wasting a lot of man-hours trying to maintain accuracy. 

Because there was no central source of truth, inaccurate product information sometimes made its way to the customers. This got in the way of delivering the great end-to-end experience the company prided itself on.

Finding a better way of managing product data and digital assets was key. This was because it wanted to maintain a competitive edge and improve the customer experience.

The only way we had visibility on this before is if a customer queried it with our customer success team. However, if it was queried, it would just be for one listing. It was hard to ensure the updates were made across all the other sales channels and marketplaces. 

Pimberly does what it says on the tin: It’s our central source of truth. That’s what it does incredibly well, and we can now manage our product data more efficiently. 

James Ewens, Head of eCommerce

Screenshot of Furniturebox product range

Efficiently boxing off the management of seven channels without a worry  

Screenshot of FurnitureBox product range

All we need to do is upload a spreadsheet and we know that Pimberly will take care of the rest.   


Creating accurate listings on multiple channels isn’t an easy task, especially when each channel has specific requirements for product data and digital assets. Furniturebox had five main channels to market. Managing these multiple channels became incredibly time-consuming. To list on each, the team would have to create five different Spreadsheets. The data would then be distributed on each of the channels one by one.

Thanks to Pimberly’s channel configurator and powerful automation, Furniturebox has been able to increase its number of sales channels. It can now easily maintain seven channels including Magento, eBay, Amazon, Wayfair EU (& USA), Mano Mano, and On buy.  As a result, there was an increase in reach across channels. This played a part in the incredible eCommerce success it saw during lockdown. In March 2020, FurnitureBox saw a x3 YoY growth.

Packing more into their product ranges   

There were very manual processes in place and many ad hoc changes were coming in. This meant Furniturebox wasn’t able to expand its product range with speed or efficiency.

With Pimberly, Furniturebox can now quickly upload entire product ranges with complete confidence in the accuracy of the product data. It recently added 1,500 beds to its site. Uploading that number of products would have normally taken the team weeks — now they can do it in an afternoon. This gave the business a new lease of life knowing it can get to market ahead of the competition.

Furniturebox Product Page

The time saving knowing that everything is in one place is enormous. Not only can we list quicker than we’ve ever done before, we also know that all the listings have highly accurate data  

James Ewens,  Head of eCommerce

Setting the table for a solid eCommerce strategy with seamless integration to an existing techstack  

Furniturebox was confident that utilizing the rich feature set within Pimberly would pay back the implementation costs within a year. The company wanted to invest in a platform that complemented its existing tech-stack. They were also keen to eradicate the clunky process of uploading multiple spreadsheets.

Because Pimberly had an existing integration into Brightpearl, its omnichannel retail management system, the decision to invest was a no-brainer.

Pimberly had all the feature set that we needed out of the box. We didn’t have to  change anything! It was also great having full confidence that it was going to integrate with Brightpearl. 


Creating sturdy growth opportunities for the future with Pimberly

Furniturebox is an aspirational company with eCommerce growth on its mind. It is hoping to match the successes of selling on Wayfair UK as it expands to America using Wayfair USA as the chosen channel. Having all product information synced in a central hub will enable the company to easily and efficiently make this move 

We simply can’t do what we are doing now, and what we want to do in the future, without Pimberly

Head of eCommerce , Furniturebox

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