Why Manufacturers Need to Be Able to Trust Dropshippers

A business retail technique known as dropshipping involves brands not directly managing and distributing their goods stocks. Instead, the business gives a third-party provider, who completes the transaction on its behalf, details including the product number, delivery address, and order date. Additionally, drop ship stores enable companies to react quickly to new trends. You can even proactively increase confidence in your dropshipping store in several ways, many of which are simple and cost nothing to carry out. Here, we’ll be covering why manufacturers need to trust dropshippers in order to get ahead.

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You’ll get your money’s worth as a retailer if you invest in this. More confident customers will visit a more reliable website. Additionally, clients with greater confidence purchase more items overall. Continue reading to see how you may increase trust in dropshippers right away by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Cater inquiries and real-time problem-solving actions to build trust in the first place. The knowledge that time was taken to address inquiries that other customers frequently have will reassure your consumers.
  2. We strongly advise creating a page for each of your store’s important policies along with a FAQ page. This should include information about your shipping, returns, and privacy policies.
  3. Whenever it comes to a customer’s confidence in a business, trust badges play a critical role. They’re an excellent visual shorthand for assuring customers that measures have been taken to guarantee first-rate security and service.
  4. No one is more convincing than our peers when it comes to fostering trust in a new store or brand. In actuality, non-paid recommendations are trusted by consumers 92% more than any other form of promotion.

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Drop ship stores

A crucial step is to identify the top drop shipping stores and businesses for your eCommerce site. Having connections with the appropriate drop shippers and sources of merchandise is essential to success whether you are doing business in California, New York, Europe, or China. Connections to the right dropshipping businesses is the first step to trusting dropshippers.

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But it’s simpler said than done. Since many using dropshipping methods are little businesses, finding them could be challenging. Drop ship stores and scammers may also attempt to defraud you by charging a significant up-front or ongoing fee. You have to trust dropshippers inherently in order to succeed in the endeavor.

Here is a list of some of the top drop ship stores to gain inspiration from:

AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress is a marketplace for wholesale and dropshipping that links dropshippers to sellers and goods, such as clothing and consumer electronics.


With the help of the dropshipping marketplace Spocket, businesses may launch and grow their online enterprises. Retailers may access thousands of suppliers in the USA and Europe through Sprocket.


A wholesale supply directory called SaleHoo links drop shippers with suppliers, including those that specialize in a wide range of diverse markets. Along with other dropshipping marketplaces like Alibaba, it is highly known.


Modalyst is an automatic dropshipping app that is stocked with popular brand names and is a recognized AliExpress Dropshipping partner.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a thorough directory of wholesalers and drop shippers. They continuously add new suppliers to their list and confirm the legitimacy and dependability of each.

Wholesale 2B

You may select from over one million items and sell them through BigCommerce, Amazon, and eBay using Wholesale2B, a supplier integration solution.


Doba is an online marketplace that gathers suppliers and manufacturers in one location. You can use Doba to look up wholesale goods in your business and compile them into personalized lists.

Inventory Source

A dropship network called Inventory Source enables you to connect to more than 180 suppliers, sync your inventory, and automatically submit product information.


MegaGoods is a wholesale distributor and drop shipper of goods like clocks, kitchenware, televisions, and other items.

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Dropshipping methods

Even though dropshipping internationally is popular right now, there are four different ways to go about it to create drop ship stores. Regardless of how you conduct business today, being aware of additional distribution channels for your items is still beneficial to trust dropshippers. Manufacturers need to be able to trust dropshippers. Entrepreneurs in this space typically fall into one of four dropshipping methods to create drop ship stores mentioned below:

International Dropshipping

One of the most well-liked types of dropshipping methods is international dropshipping. Platforms like AliExpress are to be credited for their enormous growth in popularity. International purchasing can be a low-cost and simple option to start drop shipping stores, regardless of whether you manage anything from your office in the United States or travel to China.

Retail Arbitrage

With the rise in popularity of websites like eBay and Amazon, retail arbitrage gained momentum. Retail arbitrage is better known as the process of purchasing goods that are on sale for less in one location or business, and then reselling them elsewhere for a profit.

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Hybrid Dropshipping

In the past, people had to choose between home and foreign possibilities. Thankfully, hybrid dropshipping enables entrepreneurs to apply both tactics. In addition to maintaining your inventory, you can offer products directly from outside vendors.

For instance, you might employ a 3PL or store your top 10 SKUs locally in a warehouse. However, you may also use overseas distributors to sell 10,000 additional SKUs on your website. Simply divide orders as they arrive at your warehouse. Although your manufacturer makes basketball hoops, you might only sell basketballs locally.

Domestic Dropshipping

People frequently observe brick-and-mortar companies focusing mostly on domestic drop shipping. Although most people start with international dropshipping, domestic dropshipping is a viable alternative.

You collaborate with manufacturers headquartered in your nation while dropshipping domestically. Domestic sourcing minimizes most of the hassles of international sourcing, but it may not be the ideal choice for most business owners.

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Shipping policy for dropshipping

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There are many different types and sizes of shipping policies. There are a few fundamental bits of information on how to build a dropshipping business that you must include, regardless of your method of execution. Also, keep in mind how important it is that this page be ordered and written clearly.

Create section headings so that clients can quickly go through and still notice the crucial information. Here are some of the most important factors to be added in a shipping policy for drop shipping stores. They will help understand why manufacturers need to be able to trust dropshippers:

Processing and Shipping Time Duration

Customers give shipping times a lot of thought. It’s useful to mention the time it takes you to finish processing an order or the period it takes you to package it and give it to your shipping provider. Processing times are important to note because they have a sizable effect on the speed at which your consumers receive their orders. Inform them of anything that can cause a delay in processing.

Shipping Costs

If you provide various delivery alternatives, include a chart outlining all of them if using drop shipping stores. Any additional expenses that might be connected to particular solutions should be stated in explicit detail. Customers adore free delivery, so make sure to mention it frequently on your website if you’re offering it. Using this method, you can avoid unpleasant surprises for customers, and make sure you indicate any additional costs, such as tariffs or taxes.

Options for Domestic and International Shipping

Do you only ship within your own country, or can you also send goods abroad? Do you provide free local delivery or in-store pickup if you have a physical store? Specify your shipping area, any additional options or considerations for consumers, and any charges involved. Clearly state your service region if you provide local delivery for instance, “within a 5-mile radius of our business” or “any address with (blank) ZIP codes.”

Refunds, Exchanges and Returns

Although it’s best to have a separate page dedicated to your return and refund policies, you may use the shipping policy page as an additional opportunity to be explicit and open. Include information on your page specifically dedicated to returns and refunds and in your shipping policy. This is one of the most poular drophshipping methods that aims for customer transparency. 

Service Interruption Details

Drop ship stores can be unpredictable. Do other things have the potential to occur that might extend the time it takes for your customers to get their orders? This is where you should list them all. Say, for example, that you are encountering sporadic weather-related delays that affect shipping timeframes. Make it obvious that this is a potential and what might occur if these events cause a customer’s order to be disrupted. Transparency makes it easier for customers to trust dropshippers as well.

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How to build a dropshipping business

If you’re thinking about dropshipping, you also need to consider fundamentally why manufacturers need to be able to trust dropshippers. Take into account the following commercial and monetary actions in this comprehensive list of steps to do to build a dropshipping business:

Make a commitment

Dropshipping requires considerable dedication and a long-term outlook, just like any other type of business. You’ll be much less inclined to get discouraged and give up if you approach your firm with realistic expectations regarding the investment needed and your profit potential. You’ll need to make significant investments of either time or money when launching an e-commerce business as a newbie.

Choose a dropshipping business idea

The appropriate market research must be carried out as the second step in discovering how to launch a dropshipping firm. You want to research a niche you’re interested in and base your judgments on how successful it can be, just like if you were putting up a retail store and researching the various locations, rivals, and trends.

Carry out competitive research

Finally, you understand what you’re going to sell at your store, you need to research your rivals and learn how they operate. You can easily learn a lot from your rivals’ successes to improve your drop shipping business’s marketing strategy.

Find a dropshipping supplier

A necessary first step in starting a successful dropshipping business is selecting a supplier. Without trustworthy suppliers, a drop shipping company would have nothing to ship to clients and would thus go out of business.

Build your eCommerce marketplace

An online shopping platform is the next thing you’ll require to start a dropshipping business. You’ll send traffic here, sell things here, and handle payments here.

Decide a business structure

If your business venture is something you’re serious about, you should create a reliable corporate entity by choosing one of the three business structures:

Sole Proprietorship: You only need to record your business’s earnings on your taxes, and there are few filing requirements. Other federal or state business filings are not necessary.

Limited Liability Company: You will need to pay incorporation and recurring costs, as well as any filing procedures that might apply in this setup.

Corporation: Because income does not pass directly to the shareholders, they are probably more expensive to establish and are liable to double taxation.

Align your finances

Combining personal and corporate money when starting a firm is a common error made by entrepreneurs. This leads to confusion, complicates accounting, can result in the personal acceptance of business responsibilities, and raises serious concerns with the IRS in the event of an audit.


Market your dropshipping store

The topic of marketing your new store is appropriate now that you are aware of how to launch a dropshipping business store. When creating your dropshipping business plan, you might want to spend more time on marketing and advertising to stand out in your industry.

Analyze your offering

After managing and marketing your dropshipping efforts for a while, you may start analyzing both the positive and negative effects of your efforts.

Bottom Line

Creating a thorough and detailed shipping policy for dropshipping is not only essential but crucial to understanding why manufacturers need to be able to trust drop shippers. Creating a drop shipping store following the crucial steps mentioned above can effectively help you create an efficient marketplace for yourself. You can also contact Pimberly for expert guidance in creating a class apart from the dropshipping marketplace.