What is Product Activation?

Your business and offered products shape the emotional connection you want to establish with consumers. The entire organization must participate, therefore, in product activation, in addition to the marketing division. Here, we examine why this is an integral practice for online success.

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Product activation definition entails strategies for client attraction that your rivals do not offer in a competitive market. It’s an opportunity to stand out and forge deep connections with your customers. Customers are more prone to stick with you if you establish a connection with them. Brand loyalty is a powerful sign of your value proposition and customer experience plan.

There are several strategies to increase brand recognition through product activation. Being aware of your brand will not prompt a client to act. They must be able to identify with your brand, central message, and products and solutions for them to trust you. Therefore, more and more businesses are opting for product activations to help their customers connect with them in a better way. Let’s now dive into the details and mechanisms of online product activation and how it works.

Online product activation

Online product activation enables you to create improved conversion rates and increased loyalty by appealing to the omnichannel customers who like shopping using online storefronts. In fact, there are a number of methods to activate online products (i.e. seasonal features, end-of-year offerings, etc.)

Using this product activation technique across all of your routes-to-market is a great practice. Also, providing a consistent and appealing merchandise experience throughout any of those channels will bring in more conversions. Here, you can really get creative with how you choose to keep eyeballs on your site.

Additionally, you and your teams will be able to reduce the time it takes for those product stories to be activated across the present and future channels that your customers will be using. This allows you to boost revenue more quickly than ever before.

Essentially, companies that are equipped with a sturdy Activate Product strategy will be able to endure and prosper even after the hit of a global pandemic and economic instability.

Activates product stories

Whether your company focuses on B2C, D2C, or B2B marketing, here are some examples of product activation stories to inspire fresh advertising strategies:

Starbucks: The company employed emerging influencers in an activation campaign. Basically, influencers raced to spread the news on social media and sample the items for free. In turn, this pop-up store became immensely popular as more and more people learned about it. As clients started looking for easier solutions, offline promotional efforts also increased their online sales. In summary, this is a great way to reach omnichannel customers.

Nike: With the Nike Run Club, Nike has been considered to have one of the most effective product activation initiatives. With this app, your demands are prioritized by the application, which serves as your digital companion. For example, the Nike Run Club monitors your cardiovascular activity, recommends resistance exercises, and offers a variety of “health conscious” goods and content.

Spotify Wrapped: The Spotify Wrapped list includes the listeners’ “most heard, loved, clicked, and replayed songs of the year”. Influencers and notable figures gave the public a list of their top songs, which increased the number of listens and likes for such songs. This interactive experiential marketing campaign generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Ikea Bath Boats Drive: Ikea launched two boats into the River Thames to herald the opening that resembled the Smarkryp bath toy model. These boats gathered trash and garbage from the sea. A sculpture was made in the new store using all the plastic, a complete upcycle. This occasion demonstrated Ikea’s commitment to protecting the environment. The Bath Boats Drive undoubtedly motivated environmentally conscious shoppers.

Product’s activation metric

A rise in product activation that is for the better may have a significant impact on the rest of your company. The most important thing to note is that it truly represents worth to the user. Until you create ways for people to find value, the activation rate will decline the more satisfied and loyal customers you draw.

Whether or not a product is collaborative i.e., requires participation from another user to unlock value, is one of the main factors influencing activation rate. Brands generally see “good”  product activation rates for collaborative usage of approximately 20%. Rates are generally about 40% for single-user goods or those where collaboration is not required to achieve value.

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It shouldn’t come as a major surprise that businesses with more recurring income often have lower rates of activation given that activation might decline as your user base grows. Therefore, for all go-to-market teams, activation metrics are essential indicators of value and success in addition to being helpful data points.

What you need to know

For product activation just make sure you know the initial activation rates of older participants before conducting your test if you’re evaluating a new onboarding procedure. You discovered that two to three times quicker than you could have previously those users converted if your new onboard procedure makes a difference.

Successful teams also employ product activation for acquiring new users (and keeping them). Activation might be really useful if you’re interested in platforms like TikTok or Instagram but don’t have much money to spend on product marketing there.

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Once you are aware of the preceding cohorts’ baseline activation rates, you may contrast them with the fresh cohorts entering the market via fresh channels. In the end, keeping those comparisons forefront can help you gauge the ROI of your new marketing channel expenditure well in advance of the end of month meeting.

Brand activation

The significance of brand activation is brought forward by the following crucial benefits:

  • It starts your sales deals off and offers you the first financial advantage in the market.
  • It makes your company more visible to a larger, more relevant target market.
  • It offers consumers something fresh, creative, and cheery that they would enthusiastically love.
  • It draws the audience’s attention since they are looking for reliable and helpful companies and are unable to discern through it.
  • It helps establish enduring ties with your target audience and endears you to them.
  • It enables you to plan your money effectively and correlate with your company’s return on investment (ROI).
  • It aids in the development of innovative, cutting-edge marketing initiatives that induce a “stop and pause” response in customers.
  • It focuses on omnichannel contact with your customers and provides them with pertinent material, preventing them from questioning your worth.

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Bottom Line

With the fast-paced technological world of today, consumers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of product satisfaction. Therefore, online product activation is a crucial element that can help you create a better brand image through efficient product management. You can also contact Pimberly if you are looking for a specialized partner to help you with product activation.